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Shilajit is an ancient herbal substance and medicine that contains over eighty-five minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally. It has been consumed as a dietary supplement for thousands of years in Asia because of the many benefits it provides. This substance is most commonly found in the domain of traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine, however, it has recently become popular in the west. Ayurveda, Human Body, Herbalism, Minerals, Medicine, Asia, Indian, Traditional, Popular

Blog: A quick introduction to Shilajit.

Shilajit has recently become popular in the west because it contains minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for human beings.

We’re going to dig deep into creation of Shilajit and try to uncover its origin. Is it celestial? Where do all of its ”healing powers” come from? Since we believe in scientifical approach, we used the extensive research of respected Dr. Ghosal to uncover its secrets. Want to know more? Read on! Dig Deep, Healing, Celestial, Blog, Blogging, Therapy, Recovery

Blog: Creation of Shilajit

So far, nothing could be said for sure about the creation of Shilajit. Now, with recent scientifical researches, everything changed. Want to know more?

In modern times, we’re often living a stresfull and fast-paced life. This is mostly due to a faster tempo of everything and many of us combat this daily stress with sports and exercise. Some people even make a living out of it, like professional athletes who put immense strain on their bodys everyday. Regular activity often leave us without energy and with a body proned to sickness as our immune system can’t always cope with everything we put it trough. Follow the link and read more! Modern Times, Immune System, Athletes, This Is Us, Stress, Exercise, Activities, Link, People

Blog: Shilajit in sports!

Mumio Shilajit in sports is more and more common. It can be any athletes best friend, professional or amateur, it makes no difference. Want to know why?

We could easily say that Shilajit is truly a gift of nature. After all, its packed with vitamins and minerals while exhibiting numerous healthy effects on our body and mind. Vitamins And Minerals, Our Body, Medicine, Mountains, Healthy, Gift, Nature, Blog, Medical

Blog: From mountains to your home.

We could easily say that Mumio Shilajit is truly a gift of nature. Afterall, its packed with vitamins and minerals while exibiting numerous healthy effects.

Just like women, men face a series of challenges and mayor steps in their life that require a strong body and mind. The stresses and responsibility of one’s work and private life can be a major challenge. Stress undermines the physical balance and requires a lot of energy; its physical and mental consequences can be severe. Shilajit can effectively battle these problems…so, lets find out how! Private Life, Strong Body, Male Face, No Response, Battle, Stress, Challenges, Health, Women

Blog: Shilajits effect on man's health!

The stresses and responsibility of one’s workand private life can be a major challenge. Find out Shilajits effects on man's health...reach your potential!

There’s a lot of claims about Shilajit. Some are there exclusively to shift your mind to buying it while failing to actually give you any actual evidence about quality of the said product. So, how to distinguish what is right and what is wrong? Read on and find out! Can You Be, Told You So, What Are Rights, Fails, Mindfulness, Reading, Big, Word Reading, The Reader


How can you be sure something you're hearing about Shilajit is actualy usefull and not just a selling tactic? Read on, we can tell you what to look for.

A womans overall well being and everyday contentment is directly linked to hormonal balance, which can, if unregulated, bring unwanted stress in to your life. To effectively battle everything life requires of modern women, its important to keep your health in check. Modern Women, Woman Reading, Hormone Balancing, Contentment, Benefit, Battle, Stress, Bring It On, Wellness

Ever wondered how Shilajit effects women? Read on!

More and more women worldwide are using Shilajit to boost their health, bring back vitality and combat everyday stress. Want to know why?