Sugar-free Bounty bars recipe

I love Bounty chocolate bars. Their coconut flavor reminds me of a vacation in the tropics. The subtle bitterness of dark chocolate contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of coconut. Well, to be …

Moqueca de camarão (prawn) recipe

Moqueca is a typical Brazilian dish. It can be fish, shellfish or meat based. It is very popular on the Nordeste coast and there are many versions as cooks. The one that I present in this post is i…

Wakame and cucumber salad recipe

An oatmeal cookie crust with peanut butter and chocolate chips! What could be better?

Gluten free, amaranth tabbouleh recipe

Gluten free, amaranth tabbouleh recipe

Guacamole recipe

I recreated it after spending five weeks in Mexico, tasting this delight every day. When I came back home, I read plenty of recipes, made countless attempts and used fam…