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31 Conversation Starters to Have With Kids

Looking for thoughtful conversation starters for kids? Learn about your family through 31 question prompts and simple topics, perfect for mealtime dinners.

How To Build Confidence In Children

Teaching children how to build their confidence will be sigle most important skill you can teach your child. This will give them a strong sense of self.

The one easy change that will make young kids listen to you more

One of the most frustrating things about raising a young child is having a 2 or 3-year-old not listening to anything you say. When my son was a toddler, I found it so hard to deal with this! Luckily, a little change made things a lot easier! Have you ever wondered why young kids just ignore your interdictions? Or why

5 Simple Tips for Taming Tantrums - Rock it Mama

Use the 5 Simple Tips for Taming Tantrums to deescalate meltdowns and preserve your sanity.

101 Positive Affirmations for Kids

Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can improve your health, help you manage stress, overcome challenges, and make better choices. Everyone can benefit from improving their positive thinking skills! The idea is that by changing your thinking, you can control your emotions and your actions. Pos

35 Fantastic Free Family Activities For Your Weekend

Over 35 free family activities to create special memories with your family without busting your budget! Check out these fun ideas and create a weekend plan your kids will always remember, even if you don't spend a dime.

De-demonizing Mental Health: 10 Psychological Disorders Clarified - Infographic

Mental Health is a huge, under-addressed global issue – according to data, more than 300 million people around the world suffer from depression, and another 260 million from anxiety disorders. And that’s just two of the many psychological disorders! In America, 1 in every 5 adults experience mental illness every year, and a whopping 90% of suicides are connected to mental illness. Yet, we still shirk from accepting and addressing the problem, still believe it to be a social stigma. This…

Action Words for Resume Building

Job-search tips and expert advice to help you get ahead in your career.

Therapy Cheat Sheet


Why Does Trauma Change Your Memories?

What is it about a trauma that makes peoples memories so fuzzy? Find out in this article.

Phrases for Promoting a Growth Mindset in Perfectionist Children

These phrases that promote a growth mindset in perfectionist children are excellent for responding to keep them trying and working through challenges.

The Arc of the Tantrum.jpg

This is an infographic I made for parents. The first page explains the different stages of a tantrum (based on the concepts of regulation) and the second page provides behavioral interventions that are effective in the various stages.