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Camping Sleeping Pad - Thinking Of Camping? Here's Some Advice To Remember Camping Guide, Backpacking Tips, Hiking Gear, Camping Gear, Outdoor Camping, Outdoor Gear, Best Camping Stove, Survival, How Are You Feeling

Sleeping Pads 101 – What to Look for in a Sleeping Pad

The Sleeping Pad Shopping GuideRight up there with your tent and sleeping bag, the sleeping pad is one of the most important pieces of gear that will determine whether or not you have a good night's rest when you're backpacking. Choose wisely and you'll sleep like a baby, waking up refreshed to take on the […]

Wondering what to take camping for a stress-free camping trip? Here's a camping list that will make preparing for your next camping trip a whole lot easier. What To Take Camping, Camping With Kids, Family Camping, Go Camping, Camping Hacks, Camping Outdoors, Camping Ideas, Camping Packing, Women Camping

Addicted to caffeine? How to get your fix when you're backpacking

I'm 100% addicted to coffee. I start every morning with a hot cup of coffee and if I don't, I get a headache and feel groggy by lunch time. I need my caffeine fix in the morning, especially if I'm going to be hiking with a 40 lb pack on my back. But what's the best […]

Hands on test with 4 of the top backpacking pillows on the market today with 1 clear winner. Camping Stove, Tent Camping, Camping Gear, Camping Pillows, Ultralight Backpacking, Backpacking Tips, Hiking Gear, Stressed Out, The Great Outdoors

Best Backpacking Pillow of 2019 - Hands On with Detailed Pics

For die-hard hikers, a quality backpacking pillow may seem like a luxury that few can afford, or at the very least an after-thought. Go on the ultralight backpacking forums asking for pillow advice and get prepared for a beat down! Depending on who you ask, a backpacking pillow is either a crazy luxury, waste of space or […]

I live in Michigan and I've always been interesting in winter camping. Took a look at some of the snow shovels on the market and couldn't believe how small some of them are. My top pick for backpacking snow shovel doesn't even look like a shovel! Backpacking Tips, Hiking Gear, Hiking Backpack, Life Hackers, Lightweight Backpack, Thru Hiking, I Wish I Knew, Winter Camping, Appalachian Trail

Don't Get Buried! How to Find the Best Snow Shovel for Backpacking

Can You Be Ultralight with a Snow Shovel?If you're planning a backpacking trip in snowy conditions, you'll need a snow shovel. And when I saw snowy conditions, I'm not talking about starting an Appalachian Trail thru hike in March. Yah, there might be some snow, but I'm talking about accumulations of snow on the ground. […]

This is the list of backpacking gear I wish I had when I started hiking. I wasted so much money on bad gear only to find out later that I could have saved time and money by choosing the right gear from the beginning. Don't make the same mistake as me! Used Camping Gear, Camping Guide, Camping Checklist, Camping And Hiking, Hiking Gear, Camping Hacks, Hiking Tips, Family Camping, Outdoor Camping

How to Choose the Right Gear - Ultralight Gear Guide

Since I started backpacking a few years ago I've dropped some pieces of gear I didn't like (looking at you Sawyer filter that was always clogged up) and I've upgraded some pieces to reduce my overall weight. After my real world experience and reading tons of reviews, this is all of the gear I'd choose […]

Part of leave no trace means burying your poop! This is a nice summary of some different backpacking trowels and one of them weighs less than an ounce! Backpacking Tips, Hiking Gear, Life Hackers, Go Outdoors, I Wish I Knew, Summary, Good Things, Nice, Camping

Pooping in the Woods – The Best Backpacking Trowel

There aren't many things in the world that are more refreshing than taking a nice, morning dump in the wilderness as you watch the sun rise. Here's what my view looked like in Colorado as I took that glorious, post-coffee shit in the Rawah Wilderness.But you can't just poop on the ground. Leave No Trace […]

Never thought about bringing a thermometer with me when I went backpacking until I went to Colorado and it got crazy cold overnight. I had to sleep with my water filter in my sleeping bag so it didn't freeze. Would have been nice to have a thermometer! Backpacking Tips, Hiking Gear, I Wish I Knew, Go To Sleep, Water Filter, Sleeping Bag, Freeze, Colorado, Survival

The Surprising Reason Why You Need a Backpacking Thermometer

When I was in Colorado last year hiking the Rawah Wilderness, I set up my tent, ate dinner, did some fishing, and hung out with my buddy before getting ready to go to sleep. It started to get pretty cold. I don't know how cold, because I didn't have a thermometer, but I was wearing my sleeping bag […]

The Best Tent Stakes for Backpacking Backpacking Tent, Hiking Gear, Camping, Ultralight Tent, Tent Stakes, Cool Tents, Strong Wind, I Wish I Knew, Get Outside

The Best Tent Stakes for Backpacking

How To Find the Best Ultralight Tent Stakes for BackpackingTent stakes are usually one of the last pieces of gear you'd ever think about upgrading. Tent stakes are mostly unseen and definitely not as fun to shop for. But if you've ever been backpacking during a storm or in strong winds, you'll quickly appreciate high […]

Backpacking gear list camping et randonnée пеший туризм, кем Camping Bedarf, Camping Checklist, Camping Essentials, Outdoor Camping, Outdoor Gear, Camping Hacks, Camping Guide, Camping Stuff, Camping Hammock

Backpacking Gear List: Beginner Recommendations

New to backpacking or looking to upgrade your outdoor gear? Check out this backpacking gear list for awesome quality gear that won't break the bank.

Camping is a blast! – friends, family, yummy camping food and fun camping games. The one thing I don’t love? Sleeping in a tent. When bedtime comes, I can barely sleep because I’m so uncomfortable. S (Tent Camping Hacks) Rv Camping, Tenda Camping, Camping And Hiking, Camping Survival, Camping Equipment, Campsite, Outdoor Camping, Camping Guide, Camping Tricks

15 Tent Hacks to Make Your Tent the Comfiest Place on Earth

Camping in a tent doesn't have to mean roughing it if that's not your style. These tent hacks will make your tent super comfy!

Packing is the initial step to an excellent camping trip (well, besides preparation). Once you are prepared to start packing for your outdoor camping journey, make a list of the items that you desire and require to bring with you. Camping List, Camping Games, Camping Checklist, Camping Activities, Camping Gear, Outdoor Camping, Camping Store, Camping Cabins, Camping Guide

21 Family Camping Tips That Will Ensure An Awesome Time - LASSO THE MOON

Camping isn’t really a vacation, but it makes for good memories. Being unprepared can make camping challenging. Ensure your next trip is awesome. Below are twenty-one family camping tips shared by our friend Julie (from Happy Strong Home) to ensure your next adventure is a success. We decided to start camping later in life. Neither my …

A Multitool? How to Find the Best Leatherman Multitool Camping And Hiking, Backpacking, Best Leatherman, All The Way, Factors, Ps, Range, Tools, Cookers

A 2oz Multitool?! How to Find the Best Leatherman Multitool

How To Choose The Best Leatherman Multitool for BackpackingA good knife or multitool is a necessity for any backpacker. Going into unknown conditions, you need to be prepared for anything you might come across in the back country. Instead of jamming your pack full of things you might not need, you can pick up a […]

What kind of food should you bring backpacking, Mountain House or MREs? MRE stands for Meal, Ready t Best Backpacking Food, Single Serve Meals, Meal Ready To Eat, Meat Sauce, Freeze Drying, Soldiers, Bring It On, Mountain, Military

Backpacking Food Showdown - MRE vs Mountain House

Do MREs Make Sense For Backpackers?MRE stand for Meal, Ready to Eat and they're most commonly used as single serve meals for U.S. soldiers who are deployed in active duty. But lately they've taken on another use: as an alternative meal for backpackers. MREs have a lot of calories in them which makes them appealing […]

The Best Ultralight Tents Best Tents For Camping, Tent Camping, Ultralight Tent, Small Tent, Lightweight Tent, Backpacking Tent, Entry Level, Backpacker, Alps

The Best Ultralight Tents

When you are backpacking or trekking and carrying your own tent, it is all so important to make sure the tent not only meets your needs when you are sleeping or resting, but also when you are carrying it. There is so much more to consider with these types of tents.

  Backpacking, Trail Riding, Travel Backpack, Backpack

Osprey Exos 48 Review

Osprey Exos 48 Pack Review- A Lightweight Pack for Serious HikersOsprey quality in a bite-size shape that should make even the crunchiest thru-hikers happy. Weighing in at 2lbs 10oz, this pack is agile enough for light hiking and comfortable enough for those who like to carry a bit more electronics than the average backpacker. Internal […]

Our top 5 choices for tents built for people who are taller than Finding a tent as a tall person can be hard but we've got 5 good choices that will fit people of any height. Tall People, Cool Tents, Outdoor Gear, Backpacking, Good Things, Trail Riding, Travel Backpack, Backpack

Are you over 6' 0"? Here are the Best Tents for Tall People

Our top 5 choices for tents built for people who are taller than 6'. Finding a tent as a tall person can be hard but we've got 5 good choices that will fit people of any height.