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Sewing Tips & Tricks

Sewing tips, techniques, and tricks for sewists of all levels.
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Do you know the proper way to clean your sewing machine? Learn how to keep your machine looking like new at on the blog at weallsew.com!
Monofilament thread is a fine thread that requires a slightly different process than usual when threading any BERNINA Series 8 machine. Still simple and still automatic, just follow the steps outlined on the blog at weallsew.com.
New to the world of overlockers and sergers? Understanding your serger will help you feel comfortable and confident while using your machine. Find answers to common questions about overlockers on the blog at weallsew.com.

Machine Tips

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Extend the life of your favorite denim jeans. The Darning Foot #9 was designed with mending in mind, working with the feed dog lowered. This allows free movement and control of the fabric to patch holes in any direction filling in the organic shape of the hole. Learn more about mending jeans on the blog at weallsew.com.
As a quilter, you want to meet the BERNINA selection of patchwork presser feet. There are multiple presser feet designed to fit your needs and suit your work style. Take a look at them and be sure to check out the blog at weallsew.com to learn more.
Making your first button down shirt or dress can be intimidating with all the details and steps involved. There are pockets, tons of topstitching and so many buttons. But if you take it one step at a time it’s really not that hard and can also be really fun. To help you achieve a professional look, take a look at what machine feet will help you along the way and find a few tips on how to use them on the blog at weallsew.com.

Presser Feet Tips

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Our machines have so many cool decorative stitches and the best way to see what they look like is to test stitch them onto a piece of fabric. Using your test stitch, you can create a cute pincushion! Find the full tutorial on the blog at weallsew.com.
Do you know the most important quality aspects of sewing threads for domestic use? Take a look at what the experts have to say on the blog at weallsew.com.
Are YOU confused about thread? Do you have trouble decoding spool labels? When you shop, do you always buy the same brand? If so you are not alone! . Take a closer look at thread and find out what every quilter and sewist needs to know when choosing thread on the blog at weallsew.com.

Needle & Thread Tips

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When you are first starting to sew the whole process may seem complicated, but with the help of this guide, it is simple. This blog will discuss some sewing tools that will come in handy as you begin to work on your sewing and crafting projects. Let’s get back to the basics and start sewing! #beginning #sewing #tips #tools
Do you ever lose track of those little sewing tools by your sewing machine? #SewingTip #BERNINAtip

Tool Tips

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Burlap can be found in many home dec projects, from pillows to wreaths to table runners and more. Find tips and tricks for sewing with burlap on the blog at weallsew.com.
Burlap can be found in many home dec projects, from pillows to wreaths to table runners and more. Find tips and tricks for sewing with burlap on the blog at weallsew.com!
Fear no fabric! Leather can be a wonderful durable fabric to use in your sewing and crafting projects. Find tips and tricks for sewing with leather on the blog at weallsew.com.

Fabric Tips

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What’s the difference between a good sewist and a great sewist?  Pressing! Here are two of my most used and favorite tips for pressing.
A quick tip on using press sheets to save both your iron and your sewing project! #SewingTip #pressing
Sewing room tip: use decorative hooks to store ironing board when not in use.

Ironing & Pressing Tips

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There's a misconception that zippers are hard to sew. While there are many steps, each one is simple and straight forward. It’s just a matter of getting the right order of operations. Follow the step-by-step tutorial on the blog at weallsew.com to learn how to add a modern and fresh detail to any garment.
A welt pocket is a classic and beautiful finish on any garment. Whether it’s included on tailored pants or a structured coat, this finish always looks clean and professional. Find the step-by-step tutorial on how to sew out a simple single welt pocket on the blog at weallsew.com.
When sewing garments, it's the little touches that make them special and unique — from a perfectly stitched buttonhole to expertly applied topstitching. Learn top tips for sewing garments on the blog at weallsew.com.

Garment Making Tips

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BERNINA sewing machines have all the advantages to produce perfect stitches on a quilt sandwich. It will regulate your stitches and keep them even so you can focus on the pattern you want to stitch, whether you are a beginner who could use training wheels or a more experienced quilter who just wants the freedom to stitch freely. Take a look at BSR Mode 3 with BERNINA Educator, Sylvain Bergeron. Learn more on the blog at weallsew.com.
Faux piped binding is one of those sewing techniques that looks time-consuming and intricate. We'll let you in on a little secret – it’s not! This technique is so easy; you may be inspired to add faux piped binding to your next quilt. Learn how to create faux piped binding on the blog at #WeAllSew.

Quilt Making Tips

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Learn how to hack a pattern to add a collar to any shirt! It’s easier than you think. Check out the tutorial today!
Sewing 101 Check out these amazing sewing tips, tricks, and tutorials that have helped me out many, many times. diy home sweet home: Sewing 101
Make your own pattern from an existing garment.

Pattern Tips

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Hemming is a common mending or upcycling task. The goal is always to do this easily with a professional finish and even better if you can do it all on your domestic machine! Check out the blog at weallsew.com to learn more.
As a beginner, learning to sew can sometimes feel like you are learning a new language. Understanding the meaning of common terms will make following the instructions to make your next project much more straightforward which is why we are sharing sewing terms to help you in your sewing journey! Today's term: Serger To learn more about sergers and how they work, plus what you can do with them, visit the blog at weallsew.com.

Sewing Tips

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