Tabasco pepper

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Hot Chili Oil

Another post courtesy of my husband! If there’s something that he’s an authority on (besides Lord of the Rings), it’s spicy food. He’s a spicy food fiend and wants to share …

Homemade Tabasco Sauce

Learn how to make tabasco hot sauce with this homemade tabasco sauce recipe, using garden grown tabasco peppers. Fermented and non-fermented versions.

How to Make Tabasco Sauce

128 reviews

How to Make Tabasco Sauce. Tabasco sauce is easily made from tabasco chili peppers, vinegar, and salt. The taste of the sauce will vary depending on where the peppers are grown and the quality of the vinegar used. In order to make tabasco...

Homemade Spicy Chili Crisp Recipe

20 reviews
1.5 hours

Make this spicy, tingly, salty, crunchy, addictive chili condiment your own.

How to Make Dehydrator Chili Powder from Hot Peppers

My husband loves hot and spicy food so much he started adding hot chili peppers to our container garden even though they are too hot for me ...

Crushed Tabasco Peppers: Make Your Own Red Pepper Flakes — Louisiana Supper Club

Grow your own Tabasco peppers: ground red pepper flakes with fresh and fruity heat.

Peri Peri Sauce

Peri peri sauce is a zesty combination of peppers, vinegar, and spices blended together to make a spicy marinade, sauce or dip.