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Caterpillar by Michael Wolta – Animal Planet Beautiful Photos Of Nature, Beautiful Bugs, Beautiful Butterflies, Amazing Nature, Caterpillar Insect, Mantis Religiosa, Reptiles, A Bug's Life, Tier Fotos


Kuschelwuschel Foto & Bild von Michael Wolta ᐅ Das Foto jetzt kostenlos bei anschauen & bewerten. Entdecke hier weitere Bilder.

The /Hemeroplanes triptolemus/ caterpillar, which lives in Mexico, Central and South America. The snake head is formed by the underside (ventral surface) of the caterpillar’s head. Photo by Carolina Gutiérrez C. Cool Insects, Bugs And Insects, Beautiful Bugs, Amazing Nature, Camouflage, Sphinx, Cool Bugs, Moth Caterpillar, A Bug's Life

Bizarre, strange caterpillars

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Monarch Caterpillar - in grade we each found one and put them in a jar, watched them turn into butterflies, I can remember the classroom now. Small Insects, Bugs And Insects, Reptiles, Milkweed Plant, Monarch Caterpillar, Monarch Butterfly, Butterfly Plants, Butterfly Art, Butterfly Life Cycle

Monarch caterpillar

Up close to a Monarch caterpillar munching on a milkweed leaf: I went butterflying a few days back at a place well known for a rare butterfly. I didn't see any of them, or many adult butterflies at all - it was a cool, windy, overcast day. The find of the day was caterpillars -…

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Dice Moth Caterpillar, Black Tea

Dice moth caterpillar speedpaint study. This one is gorgeous.

Tent caterpillars spin a large, web-like structure in a tree or other plant. The structure protects the developing larvae. Chenille, Animal Projects, Gods Creation, Web Design, Patterns In Nature, Science And Nature, Caterpillar, Amazing Nature, Mother Earth

BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species, Webs and Cocoons

BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species

I Can Has Cheezburger? has discovered what happens when you mix Mr. Monty Burns and a plump green caterpillar who just might have some evil schemes of its own. The results are… Excellent. Beautiful Bugs, Beautiful Butterflies, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, The Meta Picture, Moth Caterpillar, Fotografia Macro, Bugs And Insects, Pets

Caterpillars have more than twice as many muscles as humans do.

Caterpillars have more than twice as many muscles as humans do. Some species of caterpillar have 4,000 muscles in their body. Compare that to the human muscular system, which is made up of only 639....

The funerary dagger moth or paddle caterpillar (Acronicta funeralis) Cool Insects, Bugs And Insects, Beautiful Bugs, Amazing Nature, Small World, Jacques Perrin, Insect Orders, Caterpillar Insect, A Bug's Life

the pace of nature

Acronicta funeralis The Delaware native paddle caterpillar above also employs it's adornments for defense against parasitoids. When touched, the caterpillar thrashes its head from side to side, sending the 'paddles' flailing wildly - a formidable challenge for a small wasp. Instead of stinging, the caterpillar (larva of the funerary dagger moth) hides out during the day doing its best impression of bird poop.

olyphemus moth (Antheraea polyphemus) caterpillar… pancake face by Blepharopsi… - macro photos Dragonfly Insect, Insect Art, Butterfly Photos, Butterfly Frame, Beautiful Bugs, Amazing Nature, Chenille, All Gods Creatures, Macro Photography

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