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Edificio per abitazioni e negozi, GPA Monti, 1959-1961, via Delio Tessa 2, via San Simpliciano 5, Milano (Foto di Stefano Suriano)

Edificio per abitazioni e negozi, GPA Monti, via Delio Tessa via…

Mario Asnago e Claudio Vender, Casa albergo, Corso di porta nuova 52, Milano, 1963

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Giovanni Muzio

Giovanni Muzio February 12 1893 May 21 1982 was an Italian architect Muzio was born and died in Milan He was closely associated with the fascist Novec

Hans Baumgartner l "student housing, claususstrasse, 1963, zurich" l " to at least some extent every place can be remembered, partly because it is unique, but partly because it has affected our bodies and generated enough associations to hold it in out personal worlds. ( the eyes of the skin:architecture and the senses. john willey & sons, 2005,p041)" l " A question. A question i put to myself as an architect. I wonder: what is this -Cafe at a students hostel..."

livingspaced: “ Hans Baumgartner / student cafe / Zürich “I wonder: what is this - Café at a students’ hostel, a thirties picture by Baumgartner. Men, just sitting around – and they’re enjoying.

***** Chilehaus A   B by Athanasios Panagiotopoulos on 500px

***** Chilehaus A B by Athanasios Panagiotopoulos on

Chilehaus Hamburg

Chilehaus Hamburg

https://flic.kr/p/tVCtJm | Hambourg 527 Chilehaus

https://flic.kr/p/tVCtJm | Hambourg 527 Chilehaus

Diener_0722-JAV_Apartment-Buildings-KNSM-and-Java-Island_Amsterdam_P5919-0227.jpg (942×1200)

Diener Apartment-Buildings-KNSM-and-Java-Island Amsterdam

soviet workers protesting.

Soviet construction workers marching with models of modernist housing units mounted on poles, 1931 - From Street Art of the Revolution