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Samsung Turkey and Branded Mini-Games worked together to create an amazing campaign!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Branded Mini-Games

Sinutab - Phone Mini Games, Family Guy, Success, Ads, Phone, Fictional Characters, Telephone, Phones, Fantasy Characters
Mini GamesFamily GuyAdsPhoneTelephone

Sinutab - Branded Mini-Games

Skyzen - IATA - phone

IATA - Branded Mini-Games

ITW - Phone

ITW - Branded Mini-Games

Dodenhof - Phone Mini Games, Success, Ads, Phone, Taschen, Telephone, Phones, Mobile Phones

Dodenhof - Branded Mini-Games

Bobbies-Phone Mini Games, Success, Phone, Telephone, Phones, Mobile Phones

Bobbies - Branded Mini-Games

Celio-Phone Mini Games, Success
Mini Games

Celio - Branded Mini-Games

Devil Breaker - Branded Mini-Games Mini Games, Case Study, Devil, Success, Demons
Mini GamesDemons

Case Study – Devil Breaker

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