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Bendy contortionists, high heel slacklining and the Harbin ice festival

Pictures of the day: 5 January 2015

Today: Bendy contortionists, high heel slacklining and the Harbin ice festival

Unusual Tree

langkawi giant bonsai>


langkawi giant bonsai>

It is the oldest known olive tree on Earth, with a tree ring age of at least 2,000 years. Carbon daters have estimated it to be about 4,000 years old, and it still produces tasty olives today. It is 15 feet thick at the base, is not particularly tall, as olive trees go, but is, quite literally, gnarly. Totally gnarly. The trunk is magnificently swirled, knotted, and bulbous.    This one may be the tree Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) wrote of when mentioning a sacred Greek olive tree 1,600 years…

10 Magnificent Living Trees - Listverse

This lister loves trees for their beauty, serenity, and their ability to make humans look thoroughly insignificant. The next time you walk by one, you are walking by something that may have seen a substantial portion of our species's history. They are the inspiration for tons of art through all periods, across all genres. Here are 10 reasons why.

Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore  Michigan; photo by .James Marvin Phelps on 500px

Nature's Lifeline

Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan; photo by .James Marvin Phelps on 500px

Chapel Rock  (iGrand Marais, Michigan, USA) is just after the intersection with the Lakeshore Trail. The tree on the top has a big root that goes across the gap to the mainland and this is were it gets most of it's water and nutrients. It is hard to believe this tree survives on top of this rock on the edge of Lake Superior

Indian Lake State Park and Grand Marais, Michigan

Our camping trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – August 21-28, 2010 We left fairly early Saturday morning for our end of summer camping trip to the upper peninsula. Everyone was ready for a break by the time we reached Mackinaw City so we walked around the town and had some lunch at a little deli. The girls had some money to spend from helping work at Mac Boat House during the summer so we also had to stop at the toy store. They had trouble making up their mind so we talked them into a…

moringa del madagascar. The branches look like elephant.

moringa del madagascar

Moringa hildebrandtii Englm. Moringaceae Madagascar et trop. Africa

Druids Trees:  #Tree #Spirit.

Everything You Need to Know about Islam

Brazilian Grape Tree or Jaboticaba.   Crazy way it grows but it makes for a delicious jam/jelly.

20 Awesome Fruits You've Never Even Heard Of

Breast Milk fruit, anyone?

strange trees | Look At This...: Strange, Weird, Odd and Unique Trees

Strange, Weird, Odd and Unique Trees

I can't remember which site I got these pictures from but after a quick Google I think it must be this one Flickr: The strange, weird, odd a...

Bliss is... finding your own way in new directions


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."OOOOOOK lahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain..."

Seeing Faces In Funny Places (12 Pics)

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♥kNotThing can separate us my Beloved...your bride in waiting*

Olaf I - Norwegian King

♥kNotThing can separate us my Beloved...your bride in waiting*

Oaxaca - Arbol del Tule


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Wonderful - a singing tree...

Happy Beltane!

May 1st not only marks the “Day of Work” and since a couple of years “The Global Love Day” but it is also called the “Beltane Day”. In Irish mythology, it is the…