Paris Melbourne: motif apparent& objet.emotion et poésie: obsession graphique et objet. Yala ah!

inspirational patterns that can be interpreted by sicis, the art mosaic factory and be created into a custom mosaic

Net series by Paolo Čerić, via Behance

Geometry - From Manwithaspade -- This has the look of a drawing exercise on shading but I certainly admire the effort that went into it. I want to color every opening but still have the simplicity of the geometry -- cake and eat it, too. Eli Halpin #graphisme #illustration #art #couleur

Eli Halpin

It's no secret I love the atrist Eli Halpin. Our correspondence has been through e-mail. We have a mutual friend, but.

Le milanais Andrea Minini crée des illustrations d’animaux en utilisant des lignes noires qui forment du des déformations en moiré.

Des animaux en moiré