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Made some neat terrarium/specimen bottles. I didnt kill the butterfly!!

A fun and welcoming community where you can post things that you made from arts and crafts to writing, videos, music, anything!.

Tools of Witchcraft: A Comprehensive Glossary

When you perform the rituals and casting spells, you will likely incorporate a variety of tools. This article is dedicated to describing commonly used tools of witchcraft. Let keep in mind that this is not a list of tools you HAVE to use in your practice, rather a list of tools you might WANT to use. 1. The Cauldron Th

American dream // 40/365

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Anemoia. #Wattys2019 ⛔

[HIATUS] (a) Nostalgia for a time you have never known. "The past is a foreign county; they do things differently there." -L.P Hartley hypothetical questions going through my mind every day and night.🔆. a writer goes through hundreds of different scenarios yet only lives through one.🌙. their love was an oddity; he was as wild as a wondering soul, she was chaos raking havoc, and they loved in the best way. © wolf. 🌘 19601 🌗 🌖 🌕 🌔

Properties of Aventurine gemstone

About the physical and metaphysical properties of aventurine gemstone, a variant of the quartz mineral.

Did a manifestation ritual and a three card reading for this upcoming Moon cycle and this ritual and reading was so beautiful I cried tears of joy and gratitude. I decided to leave the three cards on my altar for this Moon cycle. 🖤

A more laid-back place for witches of all experience levels and walks of life to talk about witchcraft and all of its little nuances.

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Runes Master - The Final Chapter

During third year, Harry makes a rash decision and quits Divination, following in Hermione's footsteps. It turns out to be the best thing that happens to him, as he us quite gifted in the subject.

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Finde das perfekte handgemachte Geschenk, trendige und Vintage-Kleidung, ganz besonderen Schmuck und mehr… vieles mehr.


Lughnasadh: the wheat harvest festival. A moment of reflection and balance that heralds the summer holidays. Find out more about this on the Magazine!