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When a human dies in a movie My brain:*nothing* When an animal dies in a movie My brain: Prepare for Emotional Impact - LOL Pics

Trump Biden I fucking hate it here - LOL Pics

When the alarm rings in the morning : - LOL Pics

Me clearing the first wave of spooktober memes like: - LOL Pics

He take flights He eat your tights But most importantly, he love lights - LOL Pics

Guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting - LOL Pics

How it feels working at a Bank - LOL Pics

Men: "Honey, I wish you'd wear sexy panties more often." Also Men: - LOL Pics

Our son will become a doctor * Mom *Dad He'll become an engineer Me who can't find the longer side of a square blanket - LOL Pics

Satan, 5 days into Armaggedon, realizing humans are already adapting and started making memes about the demons - LOL Pics

Smoking weed is really chill But have you tried..... Actually facing your problems - LOL Pics

"How tall are you?I don't date short guys" - LOL Pics

When your ex colony has to pick between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for President and you've dumped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on them too - LOL Pics

Random chinese guy: *puts leaf in water* Everyone: This is some serious gourmet shit. - LOL Pics

When you're in someone else's house and the poop won't go away - LOL Pics

Me: *sabotage the reactor for a easy wint Everybody in Chernobyl: - LOL Pics