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emoji by astrelle @ tumblr

Cursed/nice emojis….. 3!!!!!!!!!!!! meme version! these are a collab (kinda) between me and @/succulentbud on twt! (another person who made popular cursed emojis) These are discord...

Read 10 ~ Begone Thot from the story PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) (Texting AU) by ashlee_anime (Ashlee) with reads. Stupid Funny Memes, Funny Relatable Memes, Haha Funny, Hilarious, Snapchat Stickers, Meme Stickers, Snapchat Names, Snapchat Friend Emojis, Funny Snapchat

PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) (Texting AU) - 10 ~ Begone Thot

[COMPLETED] After adding Kaminari Denki on Snapchat due to a PMOYS (put me on your story), [F/N] accidently sent him a picture of herself to him that was meant to be sent to a friend. Denki being the flirt he is, started complementing, dropping pick up lines, and sending flirty emojis to her. Of course he was shut down everytime. And [F/N] could've blocked him, but she found him much to amusing to do that. After all he was one of the only interesting things in her dull life. Sequel for this…

one day ☝️

if u do these u are automatically cool

i drew a template ‼️‼️

it doesn’t happen often though but I love people who do <33


and they sexualize it🥶