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Nuclear Bomb

Collection by Dan Hollins

Dan Hollins
Sedan crater - nuclear bomb craters at Yucca Flat, Nevada Test Site, Nevada. Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear War, Nevada Test Site, Ufo, Atomic Age, Area 51, Destruction, Photos, Pictures

Nuclear bomb craters at Yucca Flat, Nevada Test Site, Nevada. “Sedan” crater, in foreground

Nuclear bomb craters at Yucca Flat, Nevada Test Site, Nevada. “Sedan” crater, in foreground. U.S. Department of Energy photograph. The Sedan experiment was part of the Plowshare program for peaceful uses of nuclear bombs, testing the efficacy of nukes for excavation projects such as building a new canal to replace the Panama canal. 27 Plowshare experiments were conducted under the guise of peaceful applications, but the program was begun to circumvent the Partial Test Ban Treaty

TODAY IN HISTORY: Soldiers of the U. Army’s Airborne Division watch a plume of radioactive smoke rise over the Nevada desert after a nuclear test at Yucca Flats, November (National. Nuclear Test, Nuclear Bomb, Nevada Test Site, Bomba Nuclear, Mushroom Cloud, Nevada Desert, Atomic Age, Cold War, Fotografia


Soldiers of the U.S. Army 11th Airborne Division watch plume of radioactive smoke rise after nuclear test at Yucca Flats in Nevada, November 1, 1951. (National Archives)

"Detonation of the nuclear device air-dropped at Nevada Test Site on March Code named WASP PRIME." Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office Bomba Nuclear, Nuclear Test, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear Energy, Photos Du, Old Photos, Nevada Test Site, Photos Rares, Rare Historical Photos

Видео американских ядерных испытаний 1950-х — 1960-х годов

Недавно Ливерморская национальная лаборатория выложила на youtube серию видеозаписей ядерных испытаний (в основном, атмосферных), проводившихся в США в 1950-х 1960-х годах. Эти ролики представляют собой оцифровки старых пленок, до недавнего времени являвшихся секретными. Более подробно про…

Operation: GRAPPLE Shot: GRAPPLE-X/ROUND-C Yield: Megatonnes. November 1957 - Christmas Island, aka Kiritimati Island (part of the Northern Line Islands - Peoples Republic of Kiribati, located near Hawaii), Pacific Ocean. Nuclear Test, Nuclear Energy, Bomba Nuclear, Mushroom Cloud, Manhattan Project, Destroyer Of Worlds, Atomic Age, Global Weather, Historia


A big selection of the horrible though beautiful nuclear tests.There is the story about the first 4 pictures.We can see the explosion of the first H bomb.The tests were photographied in French Poly…

Hardtack Umbrella (yield 8 kt) - an underwater nuclear test conducted by the U. on 8 June 1958 at Enewetak Atoll. Image in the public domain Image: U. Nuclear Bomb Test, Nuclear War, Dbz, Fallout, Bomba Nuclear, Mushroom Cloud, History Online, Mad Max, Atomic Age

War History Online

Hardtack Umbrella underwater nuclear test 8 June 1958 (GMT) Enewetak lagoon Yield: 8 kt.

The Chagan nuclear test, Soviet Union; January 1965 The 1965 Chagan nuclear explosion was part of Russia’s Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy program. The idea was to use nuclear explosions for peaceful civil engineering projects. Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Nuclear Test, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear Energy, Art Conceptual, Vice Magazine, Charcoal Art, Charcoal Drawings


USSR thermonuclear weapon test - Chagan -15/01/1965 - Type: Underground - Yield: 140Kt

Rocket Weapons and the Atomic Bomb: The 'Enola Gay' which dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and her pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets. Hiroshima E Nagasaki, Bomba Nuclear, Enola Gay, Nuclear War, Nuclear Bomb, One Wave, Pearl Harbor, Interesting History, Nose Art

This Day in Aviation - Page 3 of 311 - Important Dates in Aviation History

This Day in Aviation - Important Dates in Aviation History

Little Boy, covered by a protective tarp for security reasons. An Unbelievable Set of De-classified Photos Reveal the Preparations Leading Up to the U. Nuclear Attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August Hiroshima E Nagasaki, Hiroshima Bombing, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power, Les Aliens, Enola Gay, Crime

In 2014 top secret photographs of the Hiroshima bomb being prepared... - Crazy Facts

In 2014 top secret photographs of the Hiroshima bomb being prepared for launch became declassified. Technicians signed their names on the tip of the bomb just hours before detonation.

Italian firm goes nuclear with atomic toys. Probably not going to be big sellers in Japan, but you never know - Fat Man and Little Boy. Fascinating and horrific all at once. They launched them 2006 at the Nuremberg toy fair. Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear War, Fallout, Manhattan Project, Ww2 Photos, Fat Man, Atomic Age, Enola Gay, Military Weapons

Little Boy and Fat Man. Copies of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end WWII

The Atomic Bomb: Top 10 Cool Facts - Citizen Soldier Resource Center Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear War, Manhattan Project, History Magazine, Destroyer Of Worlds, History Projects, School Projects, Fat Man, Atomic Age

America's Atomic Bombs: Destroyers of Worlds

To end a war that had engulfed the globe, Americans built earthshaking weapons

Rapatronic Photo of Nuclear Explosion The Rapatronic is a Camera made by the EG Co. in the to photograph atomic explosions at the rate of of a second. Global Weather, Nuclear Bomb, Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Atomic Age, Black And White Portraits, Cold War, Hiroshima, Macabre, Cool Stuff

Rapatronic Photography

The Rapatronic is a Camera made by the EG&G Co. in the 1950's to photograph atomic explosions at the rate of 1/1,000,000 of a second.

In Century, the US was testing nuclear weapons. A man named Harold Edgerton developed a camera that could snap a picture a billionth of a second after the moment of detonation. These haunting and beautiful images are just some of the photos he captured. Atomic Bomb Explosion, Harold Edgerton, Brave, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear War, Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Atomic Age, Meet The Artist, Historical Pictures

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

historicaltimes: “ Atomic bomb explosion at the Nevada Proving Grounds, revealing the incredible anatomy of the first microseconds of an atomic explosion; this ominous fireball was documented in a...