Velokids - Velofahren und Velotouren mit Kindern

Velokids - Velofahren und Velotouren mit Kindern

Bike along Sihl River

If you live in Zurich, the Sihl river is a good choice for family biking and walking. It’s mostly on smooth dirt paths away from traffic, along open fields, through the forest,

Bike Ride: Reuss river to Bremgarten

How have I not ever explored the Reuss River before? The paths along the Reuss river are so great for families. My friend suggested it and now I’m going to have to

Bike Ride on Aare River: Aarau to Brugg

Aare river bike ride for kids in Switzerland - Aarau to Brugg

Moms:Tots:Zurich: 10 Safe Places to Bike with Kids in Switzerland

It’s a bit difficult finding biking paths in Switzerland that are suitable for small children. Most official routes are too long, too difficult, and too much on busy roads with narrow or