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Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

Amazon Authors Beware Of Audible ACX 365 Day Returns

Amazon authors are being ripped off by Amazon Audible ACX with its 365-day return offer. It's grossly unfair on authors. So, authors, beware.

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Use Amazon Author Central To Improve Your Book Sales Page

Use Amazon Author Central and your Author Page to make your book page stand out and attract the attention of book buyers.

Self Publishing Mistakes

Self-Publishing Mistakes And How To Avoid Making Them

It's easy to make self-publishing mistakes when you publish for the first time. Here are tips on how to avoid the most common problems.

How To Write Articles Like A Pro

How To Write Articles Like A True Expert And For Free

You can learn how to write articles that will attract readers and help you get indexed on search engines. It's easier than you think.

comma before and in a list

The Comma Before And In A List Avoids Confusion

The comma before and in a list avoids ambiguity. It's always better to put a comma before the last item in a list of 3 or more items.

Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

Are You Writing A Memoir Or Autobiography? How To Check

Is there any difference between a memoir and an autobiography? Yes, there are some minor differences. But both genres are extremely similar.

Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

7 Free Things All Writers Need And Want To Write Better

There are lots of choices for free things all writers need to write better and more productively. Don't spend money if you don't need to.

Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

Improve Your Writing With 10 Quick, Simple And Easy Tips

Learn how to improve your writing quality quickly and easily with these 10 simple writing tips. The are easy to remember too.

Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

Grammar And Syntax And How To Tell The Difference

Grammar governs the correct forms of words we use in writing, while syntax is all about what words can go where in a sentence.

Peaked Peeked Or Piqued My Interest

Is It Peeked, Peaked Or Piqued My Interest? Curious?

It's easy to get the expression piqued my interest wrong when you are writing in a hurry. Always take the time to check if you are correct.

Self-Publishing Advice, Writing Tips And Book Promotion Ideas

How To Delete A Book After It Is Published On Amazon

You cannot delete delete a book after it is published. The only option you have is to unpublish your books and remove them from sale.

Can Grammarly replace an editor_

Can Grammarly Replace An Editor And Proofreader?

If you can't afford one, can Grammarly replace an editor or an experienced proofreader? Yes it can, but definitely not 100%

Referencing Acronyms In Writing And Why It’s Important

Reference Acronyms In Writing And Why It's Essential

You should always reference acronyms in writing to ensure that readers are not confused by a term or word. It only takes a second to do it.

Where To Publish Short Stories Online

Where To Publish Short Stories Online Easily And For Free

Are you hunting for where to publish short stories online? Here are ten places you can publish your stories and get reader feedback.

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How To Use Tone In Writing To Help You Write Better

Tone in writing is how you say something and not what you say. It tells a reader about the attitude in a phrase or sentence.

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How To Get Attention Online To Your Writing And Books

You work hard writing and want to find readers. But how do you get people to pay attention and take the time to read your work?