Honeybee-sculpture - David Vanorbeek – Metal Art Sculptures

David Vanorbeek tells about his work: People ask me, how do I get my ideas? I can only reply that I don't need ideas, I need metal.

David Vanorbeek – Metal Art Sculptures Honeybee-sculpture

David Vanorbeek tells about his work: People ask me, how do I get my ideas? I can only reply that I don't need ideas, I need metal.

David - Zarko Baseski http://the-art-blog.info/2262/zarko-baseski-contemporary-realistic-sculpture/

Baseski's three super-real sculptures oppose the idea of sculpture as an art of the tactile and haptic.

Klobono Klobrille 1 -  David Ruda http://der-kunst-blog.info/553/david-ruda-kunstobjekte-in-form-von-klobrillen/

David Ruda - Kunstobjekte in Form von Klobrillen

Tsukumogami PORTRAIT - philip michael wolfson http://the-art-blog.info/2094/philip-michael-wolfson-dynamic-motion-and-fluid-forms/

Philip Michael Wolfson - Dynamic motion and fluid forms

Silences where things abandon themselves - Marko Vojnic Gin http://the-art-blog.info/1341/marko-vojnic-gin-silences-where-things-abandon-themselves/

Marko Vojnic Gin - Silences where things abandon themselves

Invading the Space - Kristina Rutar http://the-art-blog.info/2464/kristina-rutar-abstract-borderline-associative/

The common theme in my work, using ceramics and printmaking, is questioning the main features of the used medium.

COMMODOR - +Brauer http://the-art-blog.info/2105/brauer-robots-reborn-upcycled-illuminated-robot-sculptures/

If It's Hip, It's Here: Robots Reborn. Upcycled Illuminated Robot Sculptures by +Brauer

NeverMind - Nicholas Coroneos http://the-art-blog.info/1732/nicholas-coroneos-edgy-contemporary-bronze-sculpture/

In my current work, personal and societally challenging issues are brought to new light by creating a visual play on words.

Jigsy - Tal Avitzur http://the-art-blog.info/1633/tal-avitzur-assemblage-sculpture-night-lights/

Assemblage Robot Night Light by Talbotics Materials: Ram sabre saw, Fire Department handles, scrap metal yard objects, blue, red and color changing LEDs.

By The River - Thomas Brezing http://the-art-blog.info/1248/thomas-brezing-project-carpet-man/

Carpet Man is a man dressed in an old piece of carpet, a tube-like contraption. All he seems to possess are carpet, suitcase and wooly socks.

Alan Derrick with Einstein - Alan Derrick – 3D Metal Pop Art - http://the-art-blog.info/900/alan-derrick-3d-metal-pop-art/

Alan Derrick: I make Metal Pop Art, which pays tribute to iconic figures, past and present. But more than that, this artwork has actual depth to it like a

Increasing Frustrations - Nicholas Bibbs – Exploratory, Active, Evolving. - http://the-art-blog.info/790/nicholas-bibbs-exploratory-active-evolving/

Nicholas Bibbs is a young, aspiring artist. He seeks to take his various experiences with artistic media and make sense of the personal relationships and