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Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for emotional support, immune system, health, energy, and home scents. All natural, no synthetics for a healthy home and family.
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Your home will smell sweet and romantic with these essential oil diffuser blends for the month of February. Delicious Essential Oil Diffuser blends for Love, Cotton Candy, Cupids Kiss, and Candy Hearts. via @desertnaturals
Get yourself or your partner in the mood with this aphrodisiac romantic date night essential oil diffuser blend. Click for the full recipe. Perfect for Valentines or any night to set a romantic tone for your date. Rev up the romance and intimacy with essential oils that calm, relax, reduce stress and boost libido. Diffuse these during your date night dinner instead of toxic candles. Your romance level will be through the roof when you use these essential oils in your diffuser.

Valentine's Day

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9 Warm and Cozy essential oil diffuser blend and room spray recipes for Thanksgiving. Home Scent that is healthy and non toxic. Diffuser blends for pumpkin spice latte, gratitude, autumn feeling, thanksgiving dinner, thankful heart. Essential Oil Room Spray recipes for Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie Spice. Essential Oil Thanksgiving blends for doTERRA or Young Living.
Ditch the toxic candles and use these essential oil diffuser blends this labor day to make your home smell good and boost your mood. These labor day diffuser blends all have a labor day, gratitude, and U.S.A. patriotic theme
We are so grateful for our military and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  This gratitude essential oil diffuser blend can be used any day, but especially on Memorial Day when we are feeling our gratitude.  Citrus Essential Oils are bright and uplifting and can help with our emotional balance.


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Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 2 drops Siberian Fir, 2 drops Cypress 2 drops douglas Fir
Essential Oil Diffuser Blend for Winter . 2 drops doTERRA Citrus Bliss, 2 drops Juniper Berry, 2 drops Frankincense,
Cozy by the Fire Essential Oil Winter Diffuser Blend. 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon Bark.

Winter Diffuser Blends

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12 Warm and Cozy Christmas Diffuser blends for a warm and cozy home this winter. Diffuser Blends include Candy Cane, Cookies for Santa and more essential oil blends. These work well for doTERRA and Young Living. Use your essential oils instead of candles for a healthy environment in your home this Christmas. These diffuser blends will make your home scent inviting and boost your immune system.
Christmas essential oil diffuser blends featuring holiday joy blend from doTerra.


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Help Your kids go Back to School with these essential oil diffuser blends. Click through for extra rollerball blends and DIY Spray recipes for everything they need. Including Strong Immune System, focus, mood, stress, sleep, and more. Essential Oils are a powerful natural remedy to help support their emotions and physical health. School will be a breeze with these essential oil diffuser blends.
Back to school essential oil diffuser blends. Homeschool and virtual
Click through for all your Back to School Diffuser Blends! Back to (Home) School diffuser blends for virtual and remote distance learning . Prevent zoom burnout, virtual recess, wake up, focus, anxiety, stress, patience for mom, get homework done, energy for your kids and for moms to make it through the virtual learning day. These will also help kids going back to school in person, too. Instructions to make a roller instead of using in the diffuser.

Back to School

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This article is packed with ways to use Frankincense essential oil including diffuser blends, frankincense roller ball blends, veggie cap recipes and a list of 30 ways to use Frankincense essential oil. You'll also find the history of frankincense, how it is source and where it comes from. Emotional and spiritual benefits of frankincense and common uses for Frankincense. Grab your bottle of doTERRRA Frankincense, find a few ways to use it and get the benefits of this powerhouse essential oil.
Essential Oil Diffuser Blends featuring doTERRA Frankincense essential oil. Add the number of drops to your diffuser with water to receive the emotional and spiritual health benefits of Frankincense essential oil. These diffuser blends work for doTERRA and Young Living essential oils.
Get the benefits of Roman Chamomile essential oil in a diffuser. Here are 6 diffuser blends you can use in your home, car or at work to help relax, feel grounded, during yoga, and especially for insomnia to sleep through the night. Roman Chamomile is very calming to the mind and body and is perfect any time you need to relax. These essential oil diffuser blends work for doTERRA, Young Living, Revive or any brand of Roman Chamomile essential oil.

individual oil blends

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Summer Time diffuser blends will have your home, office, or car smelling fantastic without the use of synthetic air freshener sprays like febreeze. These are healthy and safe - no toxins.  Plus they are calming and will help soothe anxiety, give energy, and help boost your immune system.  #summertime #summer #diffuserblends #essentialoil
If summer had a smell, it'd be Lemonade.  Try this Pink Lemonade diffuser blend and your home will smell delicious without any chemicals or synthetics.  #diffuserblends #doterra #pinklemonade #lemon #tangerine #passion
Ditch the synthetic candles and sprays, and diffuse all natural essential oils to make your home smell like summer all year round! Unlike wax warmers, plug-ins or spray, there are no toxic chemicals wafting around in the air. Just pure, healthy, good for you straight from the plant essential oils. Click to learn more about essential oils. #nature #plants #tranquility #summer #mood #vibe #paradise #essentialoils

Summer Diffuser Blends

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via @desertnaturals
Ginger and Clove essential oils smell delicious together and are the perfect scents of fall.  You could even add in a drop of Wild Orange to make it even sweeter.  Clove is super high in anti-oxidants which will help your body fight off any viruses floating around.  #essentialoil #diffuserblends #fall #autumn
Your home will smell fabulous, and you will benefit from the emotional benefits of these essential oils when you diffuse them in your home.   #chemicalfree #nontoxic #diffuserblends #essentialoil

Diffuser Blends for the Seasons

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Here's a fun and spooky Halloween diffuser idea to make with your jack-0-lantern! Want to have a spooky looking Halloween Pumpkin without the expensive smoke machine that isn't very healthy? This spooky Halloween diffuser pumpkin is and easy and creative way to get a spooky effect that trick or treaters will love. Plus get Halloween diffuser blend ideas for doTERRA Young Living. Click for directions to make a Halloween diffuser pumpkin Jacko- lantern and some Halloween diffuser blend ideas.
Click through for more essential oil blends just for Halloween. Calm Your Pet, Preserve your Pumpkin, Remove your makeup and lots of diffuser blends with all natural essential oils for trick or treating. Home Scent that is healthier for you than a pumpkin scented candle. Plus you'll receive health benefits like a boost to your immune system to keep away colds and virus. Trick or Trick, Haunted House, Candy Corn and more.
Essential Oil blend of Grapefruit and Frankincense will make your home smell delicious without perfumes, synthetics, or chemicals.  You will get the emotional and health benefits of the essential oils at the same time!!  Click for more Halloween diffuser blends  #diffuserblends #halloween #frankenfruit

Halloween Diffuser Blends

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Sunday Diffuser Blends. Enjoy the first day of the week with these essential oil diffuser blends perfect for whatever your day entails.  Click for more diffuser blends, beauty & household cleaning diy's, and essential oil tips.  #essentialoils #sunday #diffuserblends #nap #meditate #calm #hosting #sleep
Hump Day Diffuser Blends.  Try a new diffuser blend to boost you through Wednesday! #doterra #essentialoils #diffuserblends #humpday #wednesday

Days of the Week blends

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March essential oil diffuser blends. Use these aromatherapy blends during March and anytime during spring to scent your home, clear the air, calm stress and anxiety, help with allergies, and more. There's a St. Patrick's Day Blend and a Luck of the Irish blend for some green leprechaun fun! Click for the full recipes and to learn how to use these diffuser blends.
Grab your February Diffuser Blends here. Super cute Candy Heart essential oil diffuser blends to make your home smell SWEET for Valentines Day and all of February. These essential oil diffuser blends are perfect in your home, bathroom, bedroom.
November Essential Oil Diffuser Blend recipes. Have a healthy home and ditch the toxic candles. Enjoy these throughout the month especially for Thanksgiving. Diffuser Blend recipes for Pumpkin Pie, Family Feast, Cuddle by the Fire, and Thankful.

Month blends

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