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Lawyers reaction when GDPR kicked out!

GDPR compliance DIY. You don't necessarily need a lawyer to make your small business compliant. We can help you on that. Learn more on #gdpr #general data protection regulation

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GDPR: High Costs for Zero Returns?

GDPR: a useless and expensive waste of time. This is what we often hear about privacy and compliance with European data processing legislation (GDPR). Thus, companies face sanctions by failing to comply with the privacy regulation, believing that the GDPR has excessive costs. In reality it is not really so and, in these lines, we will try to motivate this affirmation.The post GDPR: High Costs for Zero Returns? appeared first on Digidly.

Audit, accountancy and advisory firm Mazars have published an analysis showing that of the GDPR fines administered to date across Europe, the finance sector has received 11 fines Implied Consent, Natural Person, Simple Electronics, Legal Advisor, Affirmative Action, General Data Protection Regulation, Hotels, Financial Statement, Reading Material
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GDPR: Application of the Rules is very Expensive

In this respect the Regulation is very clear. Article 34 states: "Taking into account the state of the art and the costs of implementation, as well as the nature, object, context and purpose of the processing, as well as the risk of varying probability and severity for the rights and freedom of natural persons, the data controller and the controller put in place adequate technical and organizational measures to guarantee an adequate level of security to the risk, which include, among others…

Although GDPR has produced a massive shift in personal data protection, European countries are faced with the increasing number of data breaches. List Of Countries, European Countries, Gdpr Compliance, Country Hits, Travel Supplies, General Data Protection Regulation, Data Show, Increase Sales, Things To Come
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GDPR actually Improves Sales and Profits

Many consider the GDPR the umpteenth bureaucratic fulfillment that is requested, a further waste of time. But perhaps it is not so. The Regulation was approved 3 years ago but has only been in force for less than 1 year. In these months we have often heard that yet another burden has arrived on the shoulders of entrepreneurs and artisans that does not bring profits but only obligations and unproductive times to get in order.The post GDPR actually Improves Sales and Profits appeared first on…

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GDPR and Consent: all you need to Know

nsent in the past has been considered to be quite a good option for charities to use if they want to ensure obviously that the clients that they're working with have provided a consent to have their information recorded and also obviously in order to meet the legal obligations that the charity has to ensure that there is a justification if you like, where legal basis rather for collecting the information, new thoughts or recent tightening up, which is a lot of what GDPR compose is composed…

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The Virtual Data Protection Officer

Now to recap, there are three reasons why GDPR may require your organizations to have a DPO: if you’re a […]The post The Virtual Data Protection Officer appeared first on Digidly.

Securing Cloud Infrastructure and Services with Blockchain-Enabled Cybersecurity

How GDPR impacts cybersecurity managers

What is the impact of GDPR on cybersecurity managers? GDPR does not specify sanctions case of violation by the employees. The exception would be the case where an employee (or worth, a cybersecurity manager) leaves the company, copies the clients’ personal data, and then publishes it. In this specific case, an individual becomes a separate controller, and is personally responsible for any GDPR violations. That's why it is recommended that companies and their cybersecurity managers…

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What about Brexit and GDPR?

So we are seeing much confusion at the moment in the UK, especially about what does Brexit mean and it’s […]The post What about Brexit and GDPR? appeared first on Digidly.

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The Concept of Data Portability

Data Portability: Exporting and importing your data Let’s, let’s pick an example like Spotify. So, I can say to you, […]The post The Concept of Data Portability appeared first on Digidly.

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The role of the DPO

For GDPR compliance, generally most larger organizations, we'll need a data protection officer or DPO and most smaller ones won't. Here's the detail. A DPO is mandatory in the cases explained here.The post The role of the DPO appeared first on Digidly.

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Who should have the role of the DPO?

Well, on the surface, choosing a DPO can sound like a difficult problem, but really it isn't. The DPO has to be a named person and it's your choice whether it be a full time or part time in the role. That all depend massively on the workload. The best place to start is by looking at what roles you have in place already and it's quite possible you actually already have a DPO somewhere in the organization or at the very least having informally designated someone previously to do some digging…

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