zurich switzerland, been there right on that water feeding the swans, its gorgeous and a very expensive city!

Zurich has a wide range on restaurants and bars. Picturesque evening in the Barfussbar (barefoot bar)

Destination Zürich is the financial and cultural centre of Switzerland. This is due in part to the strong presence of international companies and to the outstanding infrastructure available here along with the most central location in Europe.

One of Zurich's landmarks: Grossmünster church

One of Zurich's landmarks: Grossmünster church

The biggest techno parade in Europe, the Streetparade, is taking place on Saturday 2 August with hundred thousands of visitors.

Street Parade 2014 in Zuerich, Zürich Largest (free) Techno party in the world and I got to be there. The entire city of Zurich turns into a giant party in the streets