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Work smarter (not harder) with this #eBaySellerSecret 🤫
Looking to save time with your listings? If only there was a button called “Sell One Like This” to populate your listing automatically—oh wait 😏 What’s your top #eBaySeller tip?
This #eBaySellerSecret is our gift to you 🎄
One way to keep your customers feeling jolly this festive season? Sales and deals. Run a discount on your items to keep the merry reviews flowing. What is your top #eBaySeller tip?
Wanna hear an #eBaySellerSecret? 🤫
We've got a little tip to help improve your listings. Two words: product photography. What will be you selling next? Indoor voices only.
A second serving of Seller Secrets 🍗
Psst—’tis the season for an #eBaySellerSecret. Ever heard of scheduled listings? We know the holidays are a busy time of year—so use this tip to keep your listings fresh and your customers jolly.