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15 Simple Toddler Art Projects

15 Simple Toddler Art Projects

Exposing toddlers to open-ended art activities can be such a wonderful sensory and learning experience. Here's 15 simple toddler art projects you're sure to love!

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

Eye Dropper Activity Tray

The simple items and ingredients in our eye dropper activity tray really capture the imagination and lead to so much exploring and experimenting.

Kids art :: painting on texture

Kids art :: painting on texture

Boost kids creativity with a new kids art idea to try: ever tried painting on textured surfaces?

How to make textured sand paint with just two ingredients - I love quick and easy play recipes!

Quick Sand Paint Recipe

Homemade Sand Paint Recipe - Art for Kids Almost every week we try out a new homemade paint recipe . Our quick paint recipe conti...

Art Activities to Rotate (at Two Years) - how we montessori

Art Activities to Rotate (at Two Years)

Sometime I lack ideas of what to rotate on Otis's art shelves - so I decided to make a list. I find there are lots of advantages of rotating art activities like this. We usually only have three trays out at a time. Although there are often pencils or crayons available in the study. Having all the items that Otis needs within the tray makes it easier for him to use and pack up. With the exception of water for washing his paint brush (which he needs to ask me for) and his smock and place-mat…

Painting covered in plastic wrap for kids to smoosh

Smoosh painting an Old Canvas for New Art - Happy Hooligans

Repurpose an old canvas or unwanted painting into a stunning, custom piece of art using an easy, fun and gorgeous smoosh painting technique.

First painting experience for baby- mess free and super fun!

Lilly's first painting experience

As many of you know, I am a big supporter of sensory play for little ones. A friend of mine did some cute little paintings with her bubba w...

mesh dabber painting - a simple art activity.

Mesh Dabber Painting

mesh dabber painting - a simple art activity perfect for small hands.

Pink and Green Mama: * How To Make Elmer's Glue Rainbow Glue - ReCycle Those Half-Empty Glue Bottles!

Glittery mirror painting - a sensory painting experience

Shiny Starry Night Mirror Painting - In The Playroom

Mirror painting - a sensory painting activity that's great for mark making.

I Spy Bottles

TechSurgeons - Access Blocked

Making I Spy Sensory Bottles can help preschoolers with colour recognition and fine motor skills. They're a must-have for the playroom and classroom!

Salt and Watercolor Painting - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Preschool Painting Activity with Salt, Glue and Watercolors

Explore what happens when you add salt to glue and then drip watercolors on top.

preschool process art


Are you ready to add art to your toddler's day? These easy tips make it simple and fun! Simple activities are included, so you can start today!

Homemade Paintbrushes - these look so fun!

Coffee Filter Crafts | Homemade Paintbrushes - The Realistic Mama

Think outside the box for your next art project with one of these coffee filter crafts.