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What are red herrings? Learn how to pull off a great plot twist by planting "true" clues and "false" clues throughout your story. In this post, I'll giving you some writing tips for how to mislead and surprise readers.

Red Herrings: How to Mislead & Surprise Readers

What are red herrings? Learn how to pull off an amazing plot twist (while still playing fair with the reader) in this post on red herrings! #amwriting

Get this quick and easy guide that goes through 10 things to do and not to do when writing in the fantasy and fairy tale genres. If you've been itching to start your next novel in either of these genres, but don't know where to start--consider this your s

A Guide to Fantasy and Fairy Tale Fiction for Self-Published Authors - danieladorno.com

Fantasy fiction and fairy tales are often considered the same genre. But are Cinderella and the Hobbit the same? I don't think so. Read on to find out why.

Creative writing fantasy ideas - fantasy writing prompts and

S.R. Hollowell | Author of the Ollie & Caroline Series

Are you looking to liven up your story world with a little magic, writer? Learn to create original and believable magic systems today in just six simple steps! Writer Tips, Book Writing Tips, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Novel Tips, Writing Websites, Writer Workshop, Types Of Magic, Writing Images

How to Create a Magic System in Six Simple Steps — Well-Storied.

Abracadabra, alakazam! Let’s talk about crafting magic systems today, writers. Though not every speculative fiction story needs be threaded with magic, adding a few fantastical powers to your story world can be a fun way to liven up the narrative. In many cases, magical powers also symbolize bigger themes, serving as a vehicle for conversations about privilege, oppression, pride, and other compelling topics. No matter your approach, building an original and believable magic system…

Quill Pen Writer: Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Schools

Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Schools

As a teen, school is both fortunately and unfortunately a part of my everyday life. Sometimes I love it, other times (read: mostly) I gr...

A writing workbook full of writing exercises. Learn how to come up with creative writing ideas for a novel, develop your observational skills, and make writing every day fun and easy. Writing resources writing habit learn to write write a novel

Liz Rufiange | Writing Tips + Novel Writing + Story Inspiration saved to Creative Writing Help

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5 ways to include a prologue (via writer’s circle) Instead of using "Some people do it wrong, so no one should do it at all" as an excuse to avoid writing prologues, learn how to make EFFECTIVE use of a prologue when your story calls for one.


Fun fact: I used to HATE developing wildlife for worldbuilding. It fact, I loathed it Book Writing Tips, Writing Quotes, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Writing Prompts, Writing Ideas, Science Fiction, Fiction Writing, Writing Fantasy

Wildlife in Worldbuilding

Fun fact: I used to HATE developing wildlife for worldbuilding. It fact, I loathed it

Wondering the best way to create a new culture for your fiction book? Or perhaps you're trying to pinpoint what that certain something is that's making your fictional culture not believable? Check out these 15 tips for creating cultures. Writing Genres, Fiction Writing, Writing Quotes, Writing Advice, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Fiction Books, Writing A Book, Writing Prompts

Creating Cultures in Fiction: 15 Things to Consider | Help Me, Naomi

Creating cultures in fiction is an essential part of world-building. Done well, and your world (and the characters living there) will come to life.

I want to re-introduce a concept that you probably already think you know how to do: free writing. But there is probably more to it than you think! The habit of free writing could transform your writing life. Learn how in this post.

I bet you've never tried free writing like this before - Paper Raven Books

Free writing pushes your brain to think longer, deeper, and more unconventionally than it normally would.

Six Tips for Writing About Forests. Read comments for more useful & contradictory info. Creative Writing Tips, Book Writing Tips, Writing Words, Fiction Writing, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Writing Skills, Writing Prompts, Writing Ideas

Tips for Writing About Forests

Three Things Writers Tend to Get Wrong: Forests, Fainting, and Hunting (Please note that this post has been revised as of 10/12/2015) Forests appear in many fictional and nonfictional novels. If yo…

How to Write Your Character’s Thoughts

Do you have a passion for writing but aren't confident in your own style? Maybe you have a fantastic idea in mind but aren't sure how to get it down properly? Luckily, there are many online writing courses and resources available to fine tune your writing Writing Quotes, Writing Advice, Writing Resources, Writing Help, Writing Skills, Writing A Book, Writing Prompts, Writing Classes, Letter Writing

Why You Should Be a Writer - Pen to the Paper

Do you think about being a writer constantly? There's no better time to be a writer than right now. Here are a few reasons why you should be a writer.

10 Simple Plot Exercises You Need to Do BEFORE You Write Your Novel - writing tips writing advice

10 Simple Plot Exercises You Need to Do BEFORE You Write Your Novel! - Eva Langston

These 10 simple plot exercises will help you plan your novel if you're just getting started or help you push forward if you find yourself stuck.

How to balance a character’s inner dialogue and reactions with the action. Write action scenes in deep point of view. Writing Images, Book Writing Tips, Book Writer, Writing Prompts, Writing Workshop, Writing Resources, Writing Ideas, Improve Writing, Writing Help

5 Ways Deep Point of View Delivers Punch To An Action Scene

How do you write action scenes that keep readers leaning in, holding their breath, and cheering for the character to win no matter how impossible it looks? Put the reader IN THE ACTION by writing in deep point of view! Know The Why Of The Action Scene Just like in every other kind of scene written in deep point of view, know the why for your point of view character (POVC). Why are they fighting right now? Most people take quite a bit of nudging before they're pushed far enough to take a…

Go Teen Writers: 30 Things I've Learned About Writing That Made A Big Difference - GREAT list that includes LINKS to expanded articles on multiple topics, and those articles are really great ones

30 Things I’ve Learned About Writing That Made A Big Difference

by Stephanie Morrill Stephanie writes young adult contemporary novels and is the creator of GoTeenWriters.com. Her novels include The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series (Revell) and The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet (Playlist). You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and check out samples of her work on her author website. We're back! I hope everyone had a great week and got lots of writing done. Jill and I had a long conference call last week talking about the blog. I'm still…