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Welcome to England! Benvenuto in Inghilterra! Bienvenu en Anglaterre! Bienvenido en Englaterra! Discover this eclettic country from the Scottish highlands to its cosmopolitan Capital city, London. Here you will find most famous sightseeighs like the London Eye, Camdem markets and Buckingham Palace! https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/england/index.htm
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Can you feel it? It's #SpringTime in #Manchester. What does #spring #smell like where you live? #WeAreESL

English courses in Manchester, England - ESL Language studies abroad

After having been a charming small fishing village, #Portsmouth became the first naval base of the country, with a sheltered position from the winds and storms thanks to the screen of the Isle of Wight. #WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/portsmouth/england/index.htm

English courses in Portsmouth, England - ESL Language studies abroad

#Hastings This beautiful seaside resort on the south coast of England is only 90 minutes by train away from the centre of London. https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/hastings/england/index.htm

English courses in Hastings, England - ESL Language studies abroad

#Eastbourne Sunshine in England? It is certainly not guaranteed, but records show that this adorable southern town is the island’s sunniest spot.  It's an ideal place for combining study with holidays.#WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/eastbourne/england/index.htm

English courses in Eastbourne, England - ESL Language studies abroad

It's needless to say that #Leeds offers a young and vibrant atmosphere, lively nightlife, especially in its Northern Quarter, and a high profile cultural scene. #WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/leeds/england/index.htm

English courses in Leeds, England - ESL Language studies abroad

#Bristol is without doubt one of the most attractive English cities. Here, there is an admirable fusion between past and present, history and progress, tradition and modernity. #WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/bristol/england/index.htm

English courses in Bristol, England - ESL Language studies abroad

#Manchester...a large stadium where the show is different every day. From museums to concert halls, culture has taken over the city. #WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/manchester/england/index.htm

English courses in Manchester, England - ESL Language studies abroad

#Oxford is without any doubt the best-known university city in the world. The superb architecture of the city’s numerous colleges and the quality of the teaching have a lot to do with this. #WeAreESL https://www.esl-languages.com/en/adults/learn/english/oxford/england/index.htm

Oxford and Cambridge have been rivals for years but which half of Oxbridge is right for you?