Lenzburg Castle

We have spent many happy days at Lenzburg Castle, which has many fun interactive elements for children in addition to the educational historical exhibits.

Dinosaur Museum Aathal

If your child loves dinosaurs, the Saurier Museum Aathal is a perfect choice. They have lots of dinosaur bones, life-size dino models, and dioramas to keep your dino-fan happy.


Beatus, the first apostle to Switzerland, fought a dragon in the caves above the Thunersee. The whole area has embraced the dragon theme: with Niederhorn and its

Winterthur Natural History Museum

We loved this fun natural history museum in the Zurich area, with lots of interactive exhibits for kids. Great for those inevitable cold rainy days.

Ebianum Baggermuseum

This museum is dedicated to the construction company Eberhard.

Säntispark: Indoor Water Park

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Dübendorf Aviation Museum

The aviation museum in Dübendorf, aka “Flieger Flab Museum,” documents the history of military aviation in Switzerland, from the beginning to present day.