Most Pinned Places in the World | POPSUGAR Smart Living.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil is at the top of many travel bucket lists these days, due to the country's role as host to the recent soccer World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.

50 Most Pinned Awe-Inspiring Travel Spots

Brazil's Poço Azul cave has water as clear as the Caribbean

Dive Into Brazil's See-Through Cave

Poço Azul in Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil. ----- Poço Azul is at the bottom of a sinkhole near the Paraguaçu River in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Not long ago, explorers collected over fossils in the depths of the flooded cave.

14 Beautiful Places in Brazil That You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

14 Beautiful Must Visit Places In Brazil

19 Places In Brazil That Are Just Begging To Be Instagrammed

19 Places In Brazil That Are Just Begging To Be Instagrammed

Consider this your checklist to the prettiest places to visit in Brazil.

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The colourful, tile-wrapped stairway of Santa Tereza at Manuel Carneiro street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • architect/artist: Escadaria Selarón • photo: Creative Commons

Escadaria Selarón, obra do pintor e ceramista chileno Jorge Selarón, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil