2D Art: Lightbringer - 2D Digital, FantasyCoolvibe – Digital Art

medieval castle, fortress, light tower with bridges in the dark night orc design concept art environment design by Jesse van Dijk Lightbringer, digital inspiration for graphic designers concept artists matte painters

Elaborate chandeliers for lighting the interior of the space

Gothic Architecture Large window, making the building ligher. Morgan Manor - make the lights ruby ̧

Dark Towers, Elizer Morcillos on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/o9yXB

Digital Painting / Concept Art / Landscape / Castle / SciFi / Science Fiction / Other Planet / Future / Surreal / Mystic / Fantasy /

awesome Black Bedroom Ideas, Inspiration For Master Bedroom Designs - Stylendesigns.com!

Black Bedroom Ideas, Inspiration For Master Bedroom Designs

Fantasy Dark Castle Art | Dark Castle by ~pawlack on deviantART

Gothic & vampiric castle (reminiscent of Bram Stoker's tale). haunting and scary- fits the theme

"This Storm’s End is an old place. Dark walls that no shadow can pass-ancient, forgotten, yet still in place.”

Brown's Hospital - Stamford Browne's Hospital is a medieval almshouse in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. It was founded in 1485 by wealthy wool merchant William Browne to provide a home and a house of prayer for twelve poor men and two poor women.