"Pub and Peel" - another cute Diorama by Doozy

"Pub and Peel" - another cute Diorama by Doozy, great atmosphere!

Talwst's spectacularly-detailed dioramas are hidden inside vintage ring boxes

Spectacularly Detailed Dioramas Hidden Inside Vintage Ring Boxes

Suzette Korduner. Shadow box in a book. Image only. Click on this image at site to link to see it in a book. Very cool. -lm

npr: “nprbooks: “evocativesynthesis: “Moby Dick Shadowbox :: Suzette Korduner ” Filed under “Things I Did Not Know I Needed” ” I’m impressed with this serious level of book-craftiness.

Balloons and Dioramas

We love making one off hot air balloon diorama box pieces and reuse old wine bowes, tea boxes, cigar boxes and tins in all shapes and sizes. If there is anything in particular you'd like in a box piece, we undertake commissions.

manualidades con papel #manualidadesparniños #papercrafts Paper cut out with projection on top possibility

Mar Cerdà's Watercolor Dioramas Resemble Film Stills

Illustrator Mar Cerdà creates small, charming dioramas out of cut paper. When viewed just right, the scenes appear life-sized and reminiscent film stills.

https://flic.kr/p/Rv9u25 | Let's play!

https://flic.kr/p/Rv9u25 | Let's play!