Michael Fassbender as Galen... In this photo his eyes seems green, perfect!! Nalini Singh, guild hunter series

The Wild Irish Boy

Photo by Peter Hapak. “Michael Fassbender has a look. It's a cross between a stare, a glare and a laser attack. The muscles in his finely angled face tense, and his blue-green eyes all but pulsate in their sockets.

Michael Fassbender ... Just wondering how he can look so sweet mad fun here... (See next pin)...

The many faces of Michael Fassbender

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)

Michael Fassbender - Shame interview on Shame - GQ.COM (UK) i think he could've been christian grey.

Michael Fassbender... my favorite ginger. And also the reason I have sold my soul to Team Magneto...

11 People Who Should Have Our Babies

Michael Fassbender. Be a little sad, you'll probably never see a man like this is your life (in person).<<--- So true :(

Black and white making pics a bit more mysterious (15 photos)