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Hippocampus and octopus instead of dolphin and shark. Maybe keep shark just add octopus.

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Also one of my pesonal fav from this year - despite it's not finished yet - this vs. You can check the photo in my story.

Poseidon tattoo idea love it

Check out this new outline of a Poseidon Tattoo that Tattoo Artist Terry Ribera is working on.

Poseidon's trident tattoo - Maybe with color or leave it the way it is

Amazing Artwork of Daenerys Targaryen and The Night King of Game of Thrones Art by Chimankardus

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Silvano Fiato added 230 new photos to the album: Tattoos — with Irene Vannucci and 39 others.

Poseidon Tattoo Swimming For Men

Explore the popular Greek mythology, God of the sea. Discover the 30 incredible Poseidon tattoo designs for men featuring realistic ideas and cool tridents.