Hot Tight Dress Outfits For Girls (8)

40 Hot Tight Dress Outfits For Girls

10 Things I Would Tell A Brand New Secretary -

I asked Beth from to share what survival tips she would give to someone who was just starting out as a secretary. (I knew she would include just the right amount of humor to make them fun to read) I don’t think secretaries get

How to organize your entire life using Google Calendar! #organize #plan #schedule #googlecalendar

My Desk: Google Calendar

This calendar is so organized, my personal and college life is so simple for appointments to birthdays etc.

Secrétaire bois vintage -

Secrétaire bois vintage - B204

7 Tips For Taking Meeting Minutes And Save Time -

7 Tips For Taking Meeting Minutes And Save Time

Ah – meeting minutes. They’re a great way to capture key decisions and thoughts throughout a meeting, but sometimes they can take FOREVER to write up (and

The Perfect Secretary.  Timeless advice such as to never let a little thing like a flood or fire make you late for work.

What is the perfect secretary - ".pretty as a pin-up, yet not distracting.She must dress like a page out of Vogue - and do it on a minimum salary.

Minutes help with communication; they ensure people have a common understanding of what the meeting was about and serve as a record of actions. Write better minutes with these tips.

10 Tips for Good Meeting Minutes

Learn how to write great minutes with these tips for meeting minutes. We all have to record what went on at a meeting at some point in our career. These tips will make it easier for you to capture what was discussed.

* I spent a total of 6 years as an Administrative Assistant. *Secretary Subway Art  #secretary #adminasst

Secretary Subway Art

This subway art will brighten up your school secretary's office! Perfect for Administrative Professionals' Day! Similar items: Subway Art for

A collection of interesting vintage pictures of women woking in office over the decades...

vintage everyday: Vintage Office Assistant – 32 Pictures of Secretaries before the