Flirty Fleurs Peach Rose Color Study, Versilia, Campanella, Cinnamon, Juliet, Tiffany, Finesse, Peach Avalanche

The Peach Rose Study- saw these roses today, peach finesse for the first time.

eden roses...looks like peonies. I might have to grow these if they survive in Florida

Ivy Clad: Eden Climbing Rose for the trellis I want at the entrance to my secret garden.

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Roses by Georgianna Lane

Roses by Georgianna Lane

roses - pink, blush, lilac

The Blush Rose Study includes Faith, Secret Garden, Rosita Vendela, Hot Escimo…

#LGLimitlessDesign and #Contest rose study

Rose Study

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I always see garden roses mislabeled as peonies here. If you love peonies and your event occurs way out of their season, garden roses are the answer to your dilemma.