Knie, Cirque Knie, Zürich. Bruno VETTERU (1945 circa)

Bruno VETTERLI – Vintage poster – Large Swiss size poster printed in lithography (on stone) for "Knie" the Swiss national circus

Knie, Circus Knie, Voitech Trubka. Hans FALK (1946)

Original Vintage Poster Knie Circus Tiger V Trubka 1946

Loterie Romande, 11 décembre. BES (1943)

BES – Vintage poster – Cute small size poster for the "Swiss lottery" printed in stone-lithography

Knie, Cirque Knie, prix de l'affiche suisse Herbert LEUPIN (1956)

Circus KNIE poster from Private Collection – Jovan Andric

Hopkins' Trans-Oceanic Star Specilty Company, Juno Salmo, the Golden Mephisto. ANONYME (1900 circa)

Vintage poster – Hopkins' Trans-Oceanic Star Specilty Company, Juno Salmo, the Golden Mephisto

Knie, Circus City, Eliane Knie avec les ours polaires de Willy Hagenbeck. Eugène FAUQUEX (1950 circa)

Eugène FAUQUEX – Vintage poster – Rare large Swiss size poster for the City Circus by Eugène Fauquex, showing Eliane Knie ridding a white bear.

Knie, Cirque Knie, Clown Pic. RENTSCH (1983)

RENTSCH – Vintage poster – Large Swiss size poster from 1983 for the clown "Pic at Knie" the Swiss national circus.

Knie, 3 Francesco. Markus CAMPBELL (1950 circa)

Marcus CAMPBELL – Vintage poster – The Francesco" at Knie, The Swiss national circus. A large Swiss size poster by Marcus Campbell

The 3 original Torélas, carnaval création. ANONYME (1900 circa)

1900 The 3 original Torélas, Carnival Creations, French Circus vintage poster

Au Cirque Lorch, Fête du Mikado, Plainpalais Genève. Alex HOENIG (1889 circa)

1889 The Mikado show, Lorch Circus, Plainpalais Geneva, Swiss vintage poster

Knie. Hans SCHOELLHORN (1945 circa)

1945 Knie" the Swiss National Circus , vintage poster / Seal,Chimpanzee and Fish

The Noirick's, The giant jump. ANONYME (1900 circa)

1900 "Noirick's Acrobats" doing the "Giant jump, the sensation up to date" German Circus vintage poster