Sierre-Montana Valais Suisse by Peikert Martin / 1950

Vintage Travel Poster - Sierre-Montana - Valais - Switzerland - by Martin Peikert -

Lötschental, gare de Goppenstein du chemin de fer du Lötschberg, Valais, Suisse by Nyfeler Albert / 1946

1946 Lötschental valley between the cantons of Bern and Wallis, in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland vintage travel poster

Fête Cantonale Valaisanne de Gymnastique, Martigny 1926 by Jacomo, Muller Jacomo / 1926

1926 Wallis Gymnastic Festival in Martigny Valais,Switzerland vintage travel sport poster

Gletsch, Valais - Hôtels Seiler by Wehrli Photographer / 1935

(Photographer) WEHRLI – Vintage poster – Photographic poster printed in 1935 showing the Glacier du Rhône going down in the valley.

Provinor, Walliser Traubensaft, Provins - Valais by Leupin Herbert / 1953

Herbert LEUPIN – Vintage poster – Large Swiss poster by Herbert Leupin printed in stone-lithography in for "Provinor, grape juice, Valais" (also available in French

Saas Fee by Brugger Meiringen Photo / 1960

Saas Fee 1800 m 5904 ft (Wallis Valais Schweiz Suisse Switzerland) - Affiche originale (ca

Montana Vermala, Valais Suisse by Anonymous / 1945

ANONYME – Vintage poster – First edition (on finely printed on stone-lithography. Crans Montana Vermala is a famous summer and wintersport resort in the canton of Wallis in the Swiss Alps

Valais, le pays des contrastes by Libis, Libiszewski Herbert Berthold / 1949

1949 "Wallis, the country of the contrast, Swiss vintage travel poster

Feine Walliser-Weine, Frédéric Varone, Sitten Schweiz by Anonymous / 1926

Cardboard sign for "Frédrique Varone in Sion, the best wine of Wallis" in Switzerland; showing the Grape-gathering in in front of "Valère and Tourbillon" the two Middle ages castels overhanging the city of Sion.