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Aisha Noelle with David Lee and Mark Everson America before colonization. I've never seen this map in my entire 25 years of formal education. Not in one history book or one lesson. This is not a mistake. Us History, History Books, Ancient History, Texas History, Family History, Native American Map, American Indians, Imaginary Maps, North America Map

7 Things About Native Americans You'll Never Learn From the Mainstream Media

America Before European Colonization - this is a great map, but I question its accuracy. Not sure all of these nations coexisted at the same time. Also, names varied a lot. Shown here are the English names for each nation. Even so, it's nice overview of the general lay of the land before Europeans.

An awesome map of the last time each European country was occupied. As the idea of wars for territorial conquest has faded in Europe and the rest of the world it makes Putin's grab of the Crimea much more abhorrent. European Map, European Countries, European History, World History, American History, Countries Europe, Family History, Serbia And Montenegro, France Culture

The last time every European country was occupied

This fascinating history also explains why Russia's move in Ukraine was such a huge deal.

battles which were fought during The Wars of The Roses~ The First Battle of St Albans Battle of Northampton The Battle of Wakefield Battle of Barnet Battle of Tewkesbury Battle of Bosworth Field History Of England, Uk History, History Page, History Timeline, Tudor History, European History, British History, History Facts, World History

Medieval and Middle Ages History Timelines - Wars of the Roses

Medieval and Middle Ages History Timelines - Wars of the Roses

Prehistoric Iberia - The Chalcolithic or Copper Age is the earliest phase of… Genealogy Research, Family Genealogy, European History, Ancient History, British History, Prehistoric Age, Cradle Of Civilization, Le Far West, Historical Maps

Megalith Builders, Red Paint People and Algonquins

Early depiction of Eastern Woodlands natives under the name of "Algonquins" Hearing that the entire language group including the Algonquins (and the others more generically called Algonkians) is most closely related to Old World languages with a Megalithic connection was revealing to me because the peoples with the Algonquin-related languages are also ones that are otherwise compared to Western Europeans. In the times when some Anthropologists were into extensive classifications of humans…

European Suicide Rate By Country. European Map, European History, European Countries, Eu Countries, Modern History, American History, Geography Map, Historical Maps, Country Of Origin

Europe Suicide rate. This map intrigues me because I cannot figure the demographics that determine whether or why a particular country has a low or high rate. Clearly there are a number of different influences factoring into each country's rate. I would imagine the following factors influence the numbers: Economic status, Alcoholism, Climate, Religion and Culture. But even considering all of these, I am still left puzzling over some of the results. Would be an interesting study.

Percentage of population with completed tertiary education by region in Europe (x-post r-dataisbeautiful) -- OPENPICS. Tertiary Education, Map Diagram, Places In Europe, Old Maps, Modern History, City Maps, Historical Maps, Data Visualization, Planer

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Percentage of population with completed tertiary education by region in Europe. Source and details >>

This article talks about tigers habitats and what they look for in an environment. Also how they are distributed throughout the world. This helped me understand tigers living areas. Historical Maps, Historical Pictures, Big Cat Species, Tiger Habitat, Tiger Conservation, Tigers Live, Tiger World, Clouded Leopard, Siberian Tiger


小時候很愛問一個問題,老虎和獅子打架誰會贏?小朋友吵來吵去,沒吵出同樣的答案。到底誰會贏,得放在一起才知道,這個時候就會有一個類似 出木杉(或叫王聰明) 的傢伙說,這兩種生物根本遇不到。真的遇不到嗎? 前一陣子聽 孔廟的演講 時,講師說孔廟沒有石獅裝飾,因為在孔子那時候中國還...