#GRS Seminar "20 years of Excellence in Research" September 20th Hong Kong

Collection by GRS Gemresearch Swisslab

GRS Gemresearch Swisslab
 Perettiite is welcoming the guests and opens the seminar

Only a brief scientific explanation about Perettiite. Many interesting facts will follow #GRS-live

The structure of Perettiite

GRS Gemresearch (@GRS_Swisslab) | Twitter

GRS Gemresearch (@GRS_Swisslab) | Twitter

Only in supernova explosions the heavier elements of Perettiite can be created

A supernova explosion shows the creation of heavy elements

Lithium and Boron are formed in Gamma bursts shortly before a star collapses into a black hole! Just a few seconds!

A hyper nova explosion. A snapshot of the universe

When the earth was formed it collided with the moon and left the heavy elements behind

 Crazy things happen on special places like.

The place where treasures are formed.

Right now there is a rush of local miners trying to find Perettiite. increase of Phenakite

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GRS Gemresearch (@GRS_Swisslab) | Twitter

GRS Gemresearch (@GRS_Swisslab) | Twitter