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Types of Coils: Working with Clay

This handy image gives students inspiration for a variety of different styles of coils they can use when constructing coil designs.

Kiln Tips for Newbies - The Crafty Chica! Crafts, Latinx art, creative motivation

New to kilns? Here are my kiln tips for newbies, based on my first week of owning a Skutt kiln! It's much easier than you think!

Clay Whistle Making

Clay Whistle Making

Ceramics vocabulary

Please scroll down to see full slide.

Kiln Tips for Beginners - Part 2! - The Crafty Chica! Crafts, Latinx art, creative motivation

When I first set up my kiln, I created a post here called Kiln Tips for Newbies – and it ended up being one of my tops posts on this site! Now that I’ve had my kiln and have used it faithfully every week for the past several years, I feel way more comfortable with …

How to Successfully Open a Clay Center in a Choice-Based Classroom - The Art of Education University

Many people can’t wrap their heads around having a clay center for students to work independently in their classroom. Whether you are a TAB teacher looking to open a full-time clay center or want to provide your students with a clay center for another reason, I have some tips for you! How to Successfully Open a […]

Preparing Glaze Fired Pottery For Reglaze

Pottery can be Reglazed and Refried Multiple Times. Pottery that has already been Fired With a Glaze can be Reglazed and Refired 2 times Before Weakining.

Rehydrating Clay

Some ideas on rehydrating and storing your clay... With the end of the school year I've been busy cleaning and storing supplies. Before...

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Quick Tips and Tricks in the Kiln

So when I was helping my art teacher friend set up her classroom for the school I discovered that she has never learned how to run the kiln. As a first year teacher she is rather apprehensive about…

Art Rooms and Visuals

I’ve done a little of everything. I have been on a cart and managed multiple rooms in the same year. Here are some looks at what I put together to create the best possible learning experience…

What Do You Need To Recycle Your Bone Dry Clay?

After binge watching a a lot of YouTube videos, and through my own trial and error I finally came up with an easy 6 step process to Recycle Bone Dry Clay

Choosing An Electric Kiln – A Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide

To help you choose the perfect Electric Kiln, I've started you off with a step-by-step guide below so that you can make a better decision for your new kiln.

Firing Electric Kiln | Instructions, Tips and Issues

Firing Electric Kiln (Oxidation) - electronically and kiln sitter models with bisque and glaze firing - how to, tips and knowledge sharing

What Cone Size Do You Need For Your Kiln Firings?

We’ve put together a short simple 5 step guide to help any beginner potter pick out the correct clay so that you can start throwing on the wheel quickly.

Best Wedging Clay Tips For Beginners

If There Is an Air Pocket That Goes into The Kiln, Your Piece Could Crack, Break, Or Even Explode Depending on The Size of The Air Bubble.