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What are Mothmen? Click here to read their story: Mothmen are an open species, this means you can make and sell your own -> Character for sale on DeviantArt: AI generated + repainted

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Here are some alien head concepts I made to practice my concept art skills. I eventually turned this into a full body alien concept which ended up into another tutorial.. lol Tutorial Available Here: __________________________________ TUTORIALS AVAILABLE HERE: __________________________________ FOLLOW ME HERE: INSTA: TWITTER: FB…

Adam Seats
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'Harbinger' is a concept by Andrew Mironov, who let me use it for a personal sculpt project. This guy was modelled entirely in Zbrush and polypainted for textures. I then posed it and rendered different passes in Zbrush too, which was surprisingly fun, quick and easy. Then I composited in Photoshop. It may be my simplest project in that it doesn't have proper topology or UVs and there's no PBR textures or shaders, but I'm really happy with it. It's my…

Austin Glaeser