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Find the perfect dress for any occasion with our collection of amazing dress ideas. From elegant evening gowns to chic casual dresses, explore our top picks and elevate your style.
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When talking about clothes with animal print, you may initially think leopard, cheetah, or perhaps zebra. However, this designer takes animal print to another level with her stunning butterfly dresses. It’s not only the print - the fabrics and designs look straight from a fairytale, as if the women wearing these dresses are about to fly away.

autumn bostic
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1. Non-Cake Dessert Bars I’m a major sweet tooth. So generally I’m on board with anything sweet. Nowadays, lots of couples are ditching the grand multi-tiered cake, for less formal options like donut or pie bars. While I think the cake cutting is a time honored tradition that you shouldn’t go without, I say; get a small cake for the formality and then serve a dessert that reflects you and your honey’s personality. 2. Capes It’s easy to see the inspiration for this look comes straight from…

cass binuya
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Take inspiration from the season for your summer wedding dress with dreamy applications on an illusion bodice. Flowers are always an easy choice for the summer, or go with something a little more unexpected, like butterflies with a matching headpiece or veil pattern.Are you ready to find the perfect summer wedding dr

Ostty | Wedding Gowns
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Are you tired of the same old hairstyle that you've been sporting for years? Are you looking for a fresh and exciting change to revitalize your look? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll...

Mary Homfeld
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NOT EDITED - she's the definition of crazy, ruthless, beautiful, feisty, powerful, and a mystery all tied into a nice bow. the Giovanna Rossi. she's always been different from the others with her extreme beauty and that dark powerful aura she carries with her head held high. known as the 'Angelo Della Morte'. the best assassin known of all time. she has secrets and a past only she will tell about. she fears nothing. only people fear the beauty in the dark even if they don't know that the…

shabnam vakili