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Barbie It Takes Two “Malibu” Camping Doll (11.5 in Blonde) with Pet Puppy, Backpack, Sleeping Bag & 10 Camping Accessories, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds
Brand: Barbie Backpacks, Barbie, Accessories, Bags, Cute Diy Room Decor, Themed Accessories, Rucksack, Mattel Barbie, Mini Accessories

Join "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" Barbie dolls on their biggest adventure yet with Barbie dolls inspired by It Takes Two! Kids can take "Malibu" Barbie doll on the ultimate camping trip with her pet puppy and more than 10 outdoor-themed accessories that inspire all kinds of storytelling play. Ready to start exploring Clip Barbie doll's sleeping bag in and load the backpack up with hiking essentials, like a lantern, map, binoculars, smart phone accessory and more. After a day of adventuring

Kara Brash