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Get ready to laugh with these hilarious celebrity humor ideas. From funny memes to witty jokes, discover the lighter side of your favorite celebrities and brighten up your day.
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It's fascinating how most of us are somewhat acclimated to the fact that there are some terrible people out there, but when it comes to famous personalities, whether that would be talk show hosts or full-on Hollywood actors, our judgement gets a little clouded. Who can blame us – it's hard to imagine celebrities living a morally incorrect life when their life seems to be so flawless. We're used to seeing them on big screens, where no mistakes are allowed, so we automatically assume they…

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When you think of famous people, do you picture those who rose from poverty? These people already had a lot of money from inheritances before they became famous. Most performers struggle to make a living while pursuing their Hollywood dreams, but a few well figures are lucky enough to hail from wealthy families. It goes

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Celebrities - they photobomb just like us! When you have imagined an encounter with a famous celebrity, it probably involves you nervously walking up to them to ask for an autograph and a picture gingerly, but that's not how it went for the people in this list. No need to ask for a photo when the popular actors will willingly jump into a selfie shot, photobombing it without asking.


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