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Olympia is the personification of peak male beauty everyone wants to be / get with. Akin to a pot of gold, he's revered, tantalising, and pretty stupid. Since 'Olympia' is a feminine name, I probably should've made him an equally as gorgeous woman, but I'd already broken that rule with Ephesus. And to be honest having him be a massive himbo is way funnier.

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Future Me Note: ok so, the first few chapters may not be that good, but it gets better, i swear! 😅 and slow updates Shune Sorishida, comes from a different world. A world far greater than the twisted world of wonderland. He gets transported as he finds himself in a coffin. Making friends along the way, but also enemies. Although, he isn't alone, he has a little companion right by his side. Whom will stick with him to the bitter end! As he is from a different world, overblotting due to…

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