Elastic waistband tutorial

Learn how to create and sew an elastic waistband for your DIY clothing projects. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to add comfort and style to your handmade garments.
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Here is how to sew an elastic waistband. Five ways! Most of these methods start with the elastic already sewn into a loop. Let’s jump in! Method One This method leaves the waistband exposed and will touch your skin, so be sure to use a soft waistband elastic. Step 1: On the right side

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I have been using this method to sew elastic waistband for many projects. I have seen this in many mass produced garments and must admit it is the quickest and easiest way to sew elastic waistband. It is not only easy but also a great way to keep the elastic from being twisted when you pull it up (my 4 year old son does this all the time with inserted, not sewn in elastic). The only downside of this is you cannot adjust the length of elastic without ripping the whole thing off. This tutorial…

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Here is the tutorial based on a Kwik Sew pattern 3115. First start by measuring your pant waistband and subtract around 2-4" depending on your comfort level for the elastic. Sew the elastic into a circle Quarter and mark the elastic and your waistband Then zigzag the elasic onto the facing side of the waistband. Press and steam, this helps to shrink the elastic a bit more. Here is the elastic stitched down, used a zigzag stitch. Here is a picture of the facing on the inside Now a picture…

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