Forgiving yourself

Learn the power of forgiveness and find inner peace by forgiving yourself. Discover techniques and practices to let go of past mistakes and embrace self-compassion.
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How To Forgive Someone Who Isn’t Sorry In 9 Steps? Step 1. Do a Forgiveness Inventory Step 2. Identify Your Grievance Step 3. Describe Your Grievance Story Step 4. Face Your Painful Emotions Step 5. Consider the Impact of Your Grievance Story Step 6. Find the Gift Step 7. Consider the Good Intention Step 8. Forgive Yourself Step 9. Create a New, Empowering Story

Kendra Joy Warren
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Lately, I have found myself ruminating on the concept of forgiveness. What it means to forgive, how to forgive well, and most pointedly how to forgive ourselves. For this blog I want to focus on self-forgiveness and how the process of forgiving ourselves is one of the most powerful habits we can incorporate into our day. Growing up in the church I have heard countless verses on forgiveness and the power behind the practice. However, I wanted to find out the roots behind the word itself…

Wendy Carlson