Explore the realities of gang activities and discover effective solutions to combat this social issue. Learn how we can collectively create safer communities and provide opportunities for individuals to break free from the cycle of gang involvement.
Stuart Griffiths: Gangs &  Guns. Proximity- Enhancing the visual cue of depth, the four gangsters occupy multiple horizontal planes. Street Photography, Fashion Photography, Photography Inspo, Bad Boy Style, White Books, Youth Culture, Affliction, Griffith, Red Aesthetic

Stuart Griffiths is a photographer with an unflinching gaze. We "mentioned": him back in 2010 after he documented the lives of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, capturing their brave struggles to face afflictions both visible and hidden in their civilian environments. What really struck us about this project was the places Stuart focused our gaze; places we'd normally avert our eyes from, or areas we wouldn't think to look…

Elton Gonçalves