Learning letters preschool

Discover interactive and engaging activities to help preschoolers learn letters. Start their educational journey with these creative ideas and watch their language skills flourish.
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I thought it was time to share some alphabet activities for preschoolers. Alphabet activities and How Wee Learn definitely seem to go hand in hand! I have shared with you oodles of letter activities before AND a (rather lengthy) post about why I don't actually suggest teaching letters in ABC order. But I have not

Louise Buckley
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Learning letters is the first step in learning to read. Children in preschool and kindergarten largely focus on letter identification and letter sounds. While some kids are naturally inclined to learn letters from a young age, others take longer and that's okay. My mission is to making learning letters and how to read fun and

Jackie Danhauser
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Wondering about the order for teaching letters to your little ones? I'm on it! I feel as though I am always writing about waiting to teach letter recognition. Wait and let little hands get strengthened by other activities. Wait until little minds have had ample time to hear different words and sounds. But a day

Amanda Sanchez