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Explore a collection of unique and inspiring medium art ideas to add a touch of creativity to your space. Find the perfect piece that speaks to your style and brings your walls to life.
Suprisigly Genius Negative Space Art Exampls (5) Art Techniques, Art Projects, Art Drawings, Art, Art Sketchbook, Art Design, Ilustrasi, Kunst, Grafik

When it comes to art and the type of art they are into, there is a chance that an artist feels that they have a lot more to explore in their chosen medium or they may think that they have achieved their potential in their medium. When the latter happens, the artist would like to sometimes look at the same art he or she has been doing from a different perspective. We are sure that negative space art is the result of one such foray by some genius artist. To define negative art, you would have…

eliza stokes