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Discover the latest advancements and innovations in nuclear energy. Explore the potential of this clean and efficient power source for a sustainable future.
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The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth (ERA/FoEN) Nigeria has warned against Nigeria’s decision to build nuclear power plants to augment the poor power situation in the country. According to Head, Media & Campaigns, Philip Jakpor, the decision will result in mishaps similar to the Arkhangelsk region explosion in Russia last week which led toRead More

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image from here Nuclear power plants work almost exactly like hydroelectric power plants, except they use controlled fission to make steam which turns the turbines, rather than using gravity and water to turn the turbines. Once we understood the nuclear reactor, it was easy to visualize because we'd already talked so much about hydroelectric power during our water unit. To help us visualize the fuel rods (small pellets of enriched uranium, arranged in a row inside metal rods), we put black…

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Nuclear Energy Advantages and Disadvantages: Nuclear energy is generated by fusion or fission. It is a cost-effective means to generate power. Atoms unite to generate a bigger atom in nuclear fusion. Atoms are divided to produce smaller atoms in nuclear fission, which generates energy. Nuclear power facilities use nuclear fission to make electricity. Nuclear fusion […]