Old book art

Transform old books into unique works of art with these creative ideas. Discover how to give new life to your old books and create stunning art pieces for your home.
Books As Art Objects: Breathing Life Into The Endangered Species Of The Literary World - Design & Paper Book Art Projects, School Art Projects, Wood Projects, Book Installation, Old Book Art, Book Page Crafts, Book Page Art, Altered Book Art, Deco Originale

As paper lovers and design enthusiasts, books have always held a special place in our hearts, as they combine so many aspects of our passion, but books as art objects, or, art made from books, are a new intriguing avenue we’re excited to explore. The world of extraordinary artworks from artists and creatives around the globe, using the physical book as raw material or starting point for their creative work is astounding. As the modern world grows more digital by […]

Odessa Cleveland